Let your faith speak for you

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I have not been feeling fine since few days now and am just getting better, this has been challenge for me. This happen everyday in everyone's life and yours might not be concerning health but something different.

God want us to be strong during this moment, instead of crying keep praying to God and let your faith speak for you.

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(Mark 4:37,38)
and there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship... And they awake him, and say unto him, and say unto him, master, carest thou not that we perish?

Have you ever experienced a painful disappointment? Your heart is numb and empty. You have just failed an important examination. So you are not gaining that admission to school after all! Or, you just lost a parent or a sibling. Then you wonder:does Jesus care enough to be near?"

Rev. Frank Graeff, a Methodist minister, wrote the hymn, does Jesus care? A series of heartbreaks forced him to open the song with its string of commonly asked questions. But before then, rev. Graeff had been nicknamed the "sunshine minister". Armed with a joyful personality, he had a special way with children. He was a highly unlikely candidate for depression. But disaster struck and the radiant reverend rocked emotionally. Soon after, faith triumphed and he bounced back: O yes, He cares; his heart is touched with my grief.... I know my savior cares. Whatever you are going through now, let faith answer your grief: "I know my saviour cares".

Faith is important in every christian life and faith help us to open doors. A man without a strong faith is like a house without a house. Let your faith speak for you in trials because we all have our challenges but with God and our faith in him we are going places because he never disappoint.

No man as ever regretted knowing Christ. Never too late for you to change.

Thanks your time.


Following God and living for Him requires nothing but faith. Faith is that substance and language of God's kingdom as it is fueled by God's word.

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Very true for the scriptures says in the city of Zion there is no pain but only happiness. Don't forget to be part of our #Goldenscensor challenge.


"Faith is the fuel that keeps us going no matter the situation"
I hope you feelling better now bro, stay strong.

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