The Right Focus - Have It!

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The way we look at things in life and the way we take things matters alot and hence, we ought to have the right focus if we must go far in life.

What is your focus? Where are you heading in life? Knowing this will us have a purposeful life by making us have a compass and direction.

A man without a focus is an aimless man. Such a man is easily tossed about because he lacks direction.

More so, you cannot focus on failure and expect to arrive at success. You have to look away from failure, shame, frustration and difficulty. Look away from the past and start focusing on the better future ahead.


Many have accepted defeat, impossibility and hopelessness, as such as, have given up on the hope of a better future. The good news is that if you can rise up in faith, to see abounding new possibilities, you will certainly receive the change God has for you.

It is worthy of note that having a wrong focus in life will limit your progress in life and frustrate your potentials.

God had to change Abraham's focus so that He could give him the new revelation that changed his whole life. We see that to go up in life, you have to see ahead in life. See beyond where you are now!

How you look determines how you will see things and how you will see determines how you will end.

Consider this biblical allusion, Moses sent out 12 spies into the land of Jericho. A good number of them saw Isreal has being weak and hence would not have a chance. However, two saw differently and only the two ended well.

Start seeing things the right way. Start having the right focus!! God bless you!!

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