JumpStory - Faster way to find the perfect image for every purpose

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Faster way to find the perfect image for every purpose



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Greetings hunters! Today's hunt led me to discover this fantastic product. At JumpStory, AI technologies such as machine learning is used to help you find the right image for your content - every time in order to save your time searching for what you want.
All companies including the one you may be working with have marketing people or other employees wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect image for their newsletter, website, blog, etc, without even knowing the effect the image might have. Never mind, JumpStory is here for you, a new kind of image platform combined with both AI and editing tools (for everyone).
JumpStory can also be used to find images in 2 seconds. Just copy-paste your text into the TextMatch tool and within 2 seconds the platform will find suggestions for you. It has a built-in editing tool, so you don’t need a graphic designer or an image editing program.
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