eyeGymVR - App for visual training or eye warm up

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App for visual training or eye warm up



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Eyes are the muscles of your body which also needs exercise to get better eyesight. This app requires a VR headset to visualize things so that you can practice to warm up your eyes.




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The "EyeGymVR" is a interesting idea but whether it's the best choice I don't know, i'am no expert in the matter but I have been told it may always be better to just get outside and look at both far and close objects to train ones eyes. perhaps this is great for those who cant do such things.

You said it right that eyes exercise is very important. This looks amazing way to do this.
Really appreciate your search.

Do you know what?
Your eyes need to be exercised.
Thanks for sharing this hunt

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Had it been free, I could have tried, not sure, if its worth to buy.


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