Daily Top 10 Hunts on Steemhunt (26 Jul 2019)

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Hello hunters!

Yesterday, there were 132 products, and $174.95 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 Hunts on 26 Jul 2019

Take a look at the top 10 hunted products yesterday for your daily dose of inspiration 😎

1. Happy Snap

Augmented Real for children

@camzy · 58 votes and 29 comments
HUNT Score: 312.14 (Pending payout: $2.88 SBD)

2. LearnWorlds

Create and sell learning experiences | All-in-one tool

@geekgirl · 47 votes and 26 comments
HUNT Score: 257.69 (Pending payout: $5.11 SBD)


the Private Luxury Submarine

@edje · 32 votes and 11 comments
HUNT Score: 239.43 (Pending payout: $3.19 SBD)

4. Substance Alchemist

Multi-Textural & Material Creating Modeling Engine

@ideas-abstractas · 43 votes and 6 comments
HUNT Score: 206.17 (Pending payout: $2.72 SBD)

5. WorkOutDoors

Show Workout Stats on Map
![](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/steemhunt/production/steemhunt/2019-07-25/4acd5663-246x0w (1).jpg)

@rabeel · 32 votes and 8 comments
HUNT Score: 198.41 (Pending payout: $0.59 SBD)

6. Scriptum AR Escape Room

Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills In This AR Escape Room

@lavanyalakshman · 26 votes and 7 comments
HUNT Score: 181.32 (Pending payout: $2.74 SBD)

7. Meta.4

META.4 introduces robotics to young and small children

@nuralishaikh · 35 votes and 8 comments
HUNT Score: 177.73 (Pending payout: $2.07 SBD)

8. Minimal Twitter

A distraction-free browsing experience for the new Twitter

@amar15 · 30 votes and 9 comments
HUNT Score: 167.41 (Pending payout: $2.03 SBD)

9. Komodore64

Next Level Decentralized eSport/Games through Virtual Consol

@mobi72 · 26 votes and 9 comments
HUNT Score: 163.84 (Pending payout: $2.44 SBD)

10. Nano

Gamifying sustainability and volunteering
![](https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/steemhunt/production/steemhunt/2019-07-25/7cec8c10-Screenshot_20190725-171313_Google Play Store.jpg)

@karamyog · 20 votes and 7 comments
HUNT Score: 153.76 (Pending payout: $2.42 SBD)

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Are you lost @steemhunt? Please remove the sports tag or I will have to flag this post.

1 product out of 10 is kinda sport related. Nothing else.

Hi, the tags are automatically generated from the tags that top 10 daily hunters have added, so the Daily Top 10 post may have a variety of tags from each post.

Hey. I see, I understand. Yet seeing phones and software stuff here at #sportstalksocial doesn't seem right, so please try to avoid it in the future if possible.

Where can I find information on how exactly SteemHunt works?