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What is SteemIncome?

SteemIncome is a service like "One Time Payment for Lifetime Upvote" to Increase your Post's Reward. Its a Perfect Opportunity for the steemians to start getting daily upvote on their post by Just Purchasing shares in SteemIncome and sponsoring a fellow steemian in it. You and your sponsored member will start getting daily upvote from @steemincome on their latest Post. The worth of the upvote depends on the quantity of your share but you'll get daily upvote even if you have Only One Share.

How to Purchase Share?

Simple!!! Just Send 1 Steem to @steemincome and Mention "the name of the fellow steemian you want to sponsor" in the transaction memo. You and the person you sponsor in the service will each receive 1 share.

What you get with 1 Share?

At the moment your 1 share is equal to a daily upvote of worth $0.001 Steem. Which means $0.007
worth upvote you'll get in a week and the same worth upvotes to the member you sponsor while purchasing the Share.

But it is not the end because

We've Staked some Different types of Steem-Engine Tokens for curating the different SCOT Tribe to give an extra reward to our Members who are SI Share Holders.
You can get extra rewards of:

  • Reality Tokens
  • Sports Tokens
  • Marlins Tokens
  • Actnearn Tokens
  • Creative Tokens
  • Lassecash Tokens
  • Lifestyle Tokens
  • INT Tokens
  • MOT Tokens

Example/ Benefits of an SI Shares

One SI Share is equal to $0.001 Worth Daily Upvote on your latest Post with an extra reward of
Reality, Sports, Marlins, Actnearn, Creative, Lassecash, Lifestyle, INT and MOT Tokens.

Delegate Us / Support Our Project

In the initial stage of @steemincome we're looking for Delegation. Now you can get shares with Delegating your Steem Power to @steemincome, Every 10 Sp you'll delegate to us is equal to 1 Share and you'll enjoy the same benefits as an SI Share Holder except Sponsoring Someone.

Need More Information:

Join Us on our Discord Server by Clicking the Link Below


Thanks for your 10.13SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 4% team-cn upvotes!

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