Send 10 DEC for $0.02 On-Demand Upvotes - PLUS Steem-Engine Tribe Token Upvotes for FREE!

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About Givememonsters

"Givememonsters" is the latest project rolled out by @jonnyla08 (owner of Steemexplorers) and @Princess (owner of the GiftGiver initiative) and serves as a Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) - Based upvoting bot service conducted through the Steem-Engine exchange.

This is an automatic upvoting service conducted through the Steem-engine exchange, currently offering up to $0.02 upvotes on ANY Steemit post, containing ANY tags, in exchange for 10 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) that you accumulate from playing or from burning cards.

Currently a 10 DEC submissions gets you a $0.02 upvote on Steemit PLUS upvotes for any of the new platforms connected to Steem-Engine tokens for which we hold staked positions in all for FREE as an added benefit of using our service.

Please visit the link below for comprehensive instructions on how to use this impressive, new upvoting service. Our rates are the best around right now helping you achieving nice returns on the DEC that you send in!

If you need further assistance, you can drop by our dedicated new Discord Channel and talk to us in real-time there.

Thank you!



This is what the Steem blockchain has degenerated to.

@drutter then don’t use it then but keep your hate filled comments off our posts. If a $0.02 upvote makes a world of difference in your world that’s pretty sad. Go do something that matters.

I'll refrain from leaving my opinion on your spammy posts when I feel like it. It's you who needs to find something to do that matters, rather than shitting on the blockchain.

@drutter we're pretty much one of the smallest upvote services out there. Why don't you go pick a fight with someone like steem monsters for their bid bot or steembasicincome for their daily upvote bots or any of the hundreds of other services out there. You're making a real big difference here arguing over an account that has 100 followers. Real good use of your time, you're making a huge impact...keep up the great work...