Upvote Shares Level 16 Progression Report [Day 20 | 85% Complete]

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. More insights on the Model Mechanics can be found here. These posts will track the progress towards reaching the next level and give an update on how the project is currently doing

It has been 20 days since Level 15 of the @upvoteshares project became available and we are moving closer to Level 16 being opened up. The voting power very much holds up for the moment at around 90% meaning votes will more or less stay around 3.4% for each share after the next level is sold out. I continue to add the Steem-Engine tokens and saw there was a way to give higher % compared to the Steemit votes to use more of their voting power. If anything these upvotes is a tiny bit extra on the already good returns the program is offering to active members.

Steem TribeStaked Tokens
Palnet604 PAL
Steemleo600 LEO
Sportstalk2500 SPORTS

From what I understand, the PAL, LEO and SPORTS tribes are the most used for now so those are the ones that are staked by the account. There was no airdrop for Sports so I bought those partially from smaller airdrops that I sold.

-Level 10Level 11Level 12Level 15
Account SP2550 SP2802 SP3059 STEEM3878 STEEM
Total Shares550600650800
Saved STEEM70.525 STEEM94.676 STEEM111.528 STEEM189.047 STEEM

I did sell the steem-engine airdrops which boosted the account savings that help to keep up the good returns for Shareholders as they are leased out to the @upvoteshares account.

Level 16 Reservations

AccountReserved Shares
@costanza5 Shares
@roleerob5 Shares
@glastar2 Shares
@meesterboom2 Shares
@jlordc2 Shares
@abh123452 Shares
@braaiboy2 Shares
@romsekie2 Shares
@fullcoverbetting1 Share
@byebyehamburgers1 Share
Manual Reservations-
@macoolette5 Shares
@trincowski5 Shares
@barbara-erenya5 Shares
@hans0015 Shares
@ervin-lemark5 Shares
@bashadow1 Share
Total50 Reserved Shares

All Level 16 Shares have been reserved. One time or automatic reservations can always be requested in the comments below. Reservations are non-committal, if you have reservations but don't want to take them up or if I made a mistake somewhere, please leave a comment below so I can grant them to someone else.

Monday 29/07/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 Available
Friday 02/08/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 Sold Out!
Wednesday 07/08/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 (100% Complete)

As always, all tokens received from upvotes on this post will be powered up and increase the returns for all Shareholders. Feel free to post remarks, suggestion, questions in the comments below. Thanks everyone for the support and enjoy the daily upvotes!


I sure hope every other interface drops the 5 tag limit, because it doesn't make sense anymore. In my opinion, it never did. 😝

No indeed, I'm not sure where we are going with all these tokens. There surely are a lot of fundamental issues that still need solving. I'm converting most into PAL and staking that for the account as nearly everyone is using that tag.

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