Upvote Shares Level 17 Progression Report [Day 28 | 100% Complete]

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Upvote Shares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. More insights on the Model Mechanics can be found here. These posts will track the progress towards reaching the next level and give an update on how the project is currently doing

It has been 28 days since Level 16 of the @upvoteshares project became available. We are ready to open up Level 17 but I am waiting for HF21 to drop first to see what adjustments need to be made to make sure all shareholders keep getting good returns. I deliberately drained the Voting power some more than usual keeping in mind that something might go wrong just like with HF20. I continue to add the Steem-Engine tokens and still have to look into giving higher upvote % on them compared to the regular upvotes.

Steem TribeStaked Tokens
Palnet665 PAL
Steemleo500 LEO
Sportstalk30000 SPORTS

Most focus is still on PAL and SPORTS tokens as many shareholders are using those tags regularly. I still have 50 STEEMP in the account to buy some more on the dips and help with the advancement to the next level once it will get harder. The way these tribes are integrated currently is far from optimal with voting power being linked on all of them making it hard to properly manage voting power.

-Level 11Level 12Level 15Level 16
Account SP2802 SP3059 STEEM3878 STEEM4180 STEEM
Total Shares600650800850
Saved STEEM94.676 STEEM111.528 STEEM189.047 STEEM209.180 STEEM

Level 17 Reservations

AccountReserved Shares
@costanza5 Shares
@sportsfrei5 Shares
@roleerob4 Shares
@glastar2 Shares
@meesterboom2 Shares
@mango-juice2 Shares
@jlordc2 Shares
@abh123452 Shares
@braaiboy2 Shares
@romsekie2 Shares
@byebyehamburgers2 Shares
@fullcoverbetting1 Share
Manual Reservations-
@barbara-erenya5 Shares
@ervin-lemark5 Shares
@erikklok2 Shares
@bashadow1 Share
Total44 Reserved Shares

There are still 6 shares available for Level 17. One time or automatic reservations can always be requested in the comments below. Reservations are non-committal, if you have reservations but don't want to take them up or if I made a mistake somewhere, please leave a comment below so I can grant them to someone else.

Next post will open up Level 17 and will be made latest on Monday 02/09/2019. I will see how HF21 turns out first before opening up the next level.

As always, all tokens received from upvotes on this post will be powered up and increase the returns for all Shareholders. Feel free to post remarks, suggestion, questions in the comments below. Thanks everyone for the support and enjoy the daily upvotes!


Great that you are supporting us on several tribes, just an extra boost we are getting!

Thanks for the update @upvoteshares / @costanza! For all of us, as we head into HF21, let's hope the "powers that be" know what they are doing ...

More than a bit skeptical of that myself, particularly of the EIP details, but there is no "opt out" available ...

For better or worse, there can be no doubt significant change is coming. I hope your program thrives in the midst of it.

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Thanks @roleerob. It will probably take 100+ days to see what HF21 will do to the dynamics of the platfrom. From what it looks like right now it will counter abuse, but also make it a whole lot harder for new people to actually get something going. The 50/50 reward split screws up many systems that have been build on the old rules and also very much affects the upvoteshares project. I am exploring how to make it fair as it's not the intention for the program to take that much. The direction I'm looking at is to send monthly dividends to shareholders which should be good for you. Post opening up level 17 will be online later today

Okay @upvoteshares ...

"The direction I'm looking at is to send monthly dividends to shareholders ..."

... I will be very interested, along with everyone else to hear more on these details. I trust you with the process. And, yes, if there is a monthly dividend simply for being a shareholder, then I will clearly benefit more from the program than I am at the moment ...

Not complaining though! 😊 As my relative inactivity, for the time being, is "on me" ... 😉

It will be interesting to see how HF21 works out, I think it will be a positive for the upvoteshares, more coming back in via the curation reward which means eventually more going out via vote value.

I'll do what I can so this project continues to give at least a 10x self-upvote retrun to active shareholders. It's not the intention for Upvoteshares to take 50% curation rewards and the way I'm thinking of fixing this is by paying out dividend based on the amount of shares owned each time a new level opens up. I'll write about it in incoming posts.

I thought I had reserved 5; if not, can I get 5 for level 17? Thanks! Let me know to prepare for transfer.

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Sorry for the late reply @newageinv. You are on the list for 5 shares in Level 17, ssorry if I made a mistake there. I'll plan on making the post opening up the new level later today.