Staking 20k SPORTS, buying 2850 SPORTS, aiming for 300k - Weekend Market!

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It's weekend and we are used to going shopping against the new week. I decided to make more investment here in Steem-engine with SPORTS tokens. I staked 20,000 SPORTS as screenshot above. Aleady, I'm getting closer to the 300k SPORTS Stake mark and hopefully will surpass that next week.

I also made a little purchase today. I bought 2850 SPORTS and will certainly stake them. I am so praying that SPORTS will rise again shortly. However, it's still time to invest and accumulate more tokens.

Closely, I am approaching about 300k Stake of SPORTS. Hope to pass that line in few days while I head towards 500 SPORTS stake.

I am looking forward to being an important member of the #sportstalksocial community when communities finally go live on Steem.

Thanks to all those wonderful curators that make my time here a worthwhile one.

Why I am Investing in SPORTS?

I have enjoyed some sweet #sportstalk curation on my #actifit posts and I need more of it while also making efforts to build my investment stakes on the @sportstalksocial tribe. This is one advancement in my life that I have accomplished for joining steem.

SPORT tokens are cheap and for me, it's less risky investing there.

I'm totally new to business and coin trading, though, I'm much confident that I'll enjoy the journey which just began.

I will be glad if you shared some helpful tips in the comments section of this blog.

Thanks for your time.

I am @Glotokens

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