I've reached 5k SPORTS! Lets Celebrate

in #steemleolast year (edited)

After buying sports tokens for a few days now, I am rather pleased to announce that I have reached over 5k SPORTS (~6.5k including delegation from my main @cadawg) through purchasing/investing my STEEM, as well as from ActiFit post rewards.

This gives me a nice upvote which looks substantial, next goal is to get it above 100 (not far off)

Why Did I get into Sports Talk Social?

I recently got back into le actifit and saw that I earned a fair bit in $SPORTS, so I've decided to come check it out, and now look at me, with my dedicated sports account, @idosports (or do I? 🤔)

Mega thanks for the push to @jk6276, damn I need to give you some love back now man. Without you I probably wouldn't be here right now writing this post, to be quite honest, I wasn't planning on writing a post on this account, but hey-ho!

Next Steps:

  • Continued Curation & Growth
  • Actifit Posting if I get off my ass
  • Buying more with le low price $TEEM

For my boys over at #leo, this is an investing post, as I'm talking about my investment into sportstalk and how I got into it and what I plan to do.


Thanks for the shoutout man, glad you found your way here. Let me help you out a bit...

No problem. Thanks for onboarding me & the votes!

Hey there @idosports, welcome to STEEM. If you join @schoolofminnows, you can receive votes for free.
1. Your post will appear in post-promotion on the discord.
2. Your posts will also get featured on the school of minnows account on steem
3. You get votes from other members.
4. The whole thing is FREE.
To join follow this link:

Oh, I sure do love some spam comments! Good lawd, feels like the good old days in January 2018. Nice try, but I'm already established on my main account: @cadawg

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