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RE: Doubled My Investments in SPORTS, but is it Time to Celebrate?

in #steemleolast year

You don't have to be a technical expert to know something is off. Bitcoin at 65%+ dominance can potentially weed out most alts if this trend continues

The dominance is really scary, the more it becomes bigger the more scarier it is for Alts .

I have faith that Steem will be among the victors in case of a crash hehehe.

What gives me faith is the renewed hope in the community brought in by the new tribes like Sports!!

I have friends who have come back to Steemit after I told them of tribe, we still have a passionate community.

The release of SMTs will give more value to Steem soon.


I also believe that SMTs will send steem up the roof just like ERC20 tokens did for Ethereum

I have that similar feeling!!!

I also hope that SMT's will be a success!
Cheers for the optimism.