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RE: I Am Loving The Steemleo Tribe

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Leo definitely stands out from the crowd for me. Quality manual curation, as you say some very knowledgeable investors (both crypto and mainstream) shareing their views, and very smart token management.

I can't wait to see the official launch of Steemleo LABS, that has been hinted at. Consulting on the launch of the LIFESTYLE tribe has certainly helped it have a very successful start up.

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I am not aware of Steemleo LABS.

What is that (even if only hinted at)?

2). The Steemleo LABS Project. We actually haven't even announced the LABS project officially, but you may have seen the recent launch of the #lifestyle tribe. This tribe was launched through Steemleo LABS. Think of it like a startup incubator. Tribes/token creators/aspiring business creators can come to Steemleo LABS for assistance & funding to get their project off the ground. In exchange, we ask the project to burn LEO tokens. (founders of #lifestyle) are set to buy about 10,000 LEO off the market and burn them. Official numbers and details about LABS will be posted soon.

9). Top Secret. We've got another sink in the works, but we'll keep this one to ourselves for now because we don't have a clue when it will be ready due to its complexity.

You could say that LABS is investing in the future of Steem by showing others how to successfully start a new tribe (and probably more than that as well).

It has been mentioned in a couple of places that LEO's consultancy and investment in the Lifestyle launch was the start of a bigger project for LEO. Maybe seed funding and consultancy for STEEM based startups and tribe launches and so on. They have said the formal launch post for this project is coming soon. @khaleelkazi certainly knows his stuff so it should be good. Post coming sunday or monday according to the discord.

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