SPORTS: Cheapest Way to become an ORCA?

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Do you know that you can be an ORCA on Sportstalk for as low as 150 Steem?

That is actually very true. With all the hype with PAL and SteemLEO still on it's peak now comes Sportstalk. You get rewarded with SPORTS tokens by posting sport related content on their front end,, or you can just use sportstalk as one of your tags. Personally, I like the fact that there's an eSports tag pinned on the left side because it's a cross between gaming and sports. Making some emphasis on creating diversity on a niche centered platform is an excellent idea. But it's quite a shame that boxing is not highlighted, come on guys, Pacquiao vs. Thurman is on the way!

My goodness.

In my opinion I think that LEO and PAL are on the safer side investment wise. But the beauty of SPORTS is that it's CHEAP . The masses could afford it. And being a minnow for almost 2 years I felt very insignificant. On Steem my 100% vote didn't even reflect $0.01 but with SPORTS I gain some confidence on curating using my personal account. I know it doesn't amount that much but is still worth more than my Steem vote.

SPORTS is now currently trading at 0.003 - 0.0045 Steem/Sport, so you'll get around 222 - 333 SPORTS/Steem. With 150 Steem you could get 50,000 SPORTS becoming an ORCA. My account almost have 50k Sports POWER which is quite a bad move as it drained the VP faster. I should have migrated it in another account before powering it all up.

SPORTS power.png
Almost there and I can bite off some meat

What do you think? Will my investment of 150 Steem on Sports make it or break it? I also dunno but in case you read this article and plan to buy some please let me know, so we'll both have a crying shoulder when it all goes down. Nyahaha! Thanks for dropping by.


I'm in with a few of these, good luck to us! :D

Nyahaha! It felt like gambling. Goodluck, goodluck!
I already purchased some paper towels in advance, just in case XD

It is about us to make it happen.
Investment is the best friend of risk.
I did the same first to support, second to grow.
We will see.
the thrill of giving is greater than receiving.
Keep #sportstalk alive.
Keep on postin

I love your optism! Indeed, risk comes with reward :D

Excellent oportunity for make cripto coins..

Well i just bought some SPORTS to get me started. Even though we are in the early days of sportstalk, I believe this is a golden opportunity. I hope it all plays out perfectly

I bought some today as well and tbh and somehow I want to get more but I will wait a bit and see. Atm the volume is so low and the spread so high on steem engine I think it needs to cool off for a day or two.

Also what people are earning atm seems insane but also pretty intruging to gamble a bit here.

Agreed. I thought the price margin will consolidate earlier today but the gap widens yet again. Seriously, I believe it's very risky but it's cheap so that offset some of the risks.

True, I was really shock when I first saw the rewards. I have this feeling that it's so good to be true and the economy will be broken early. Hopefully, I'm wrong but well yeah let us see :D

Too good to be true is mostly not true :-)

But the volume is so low nobody can cash out so we shall see how it plays out

I will give it a trial too thanks for sharing this information

I will give it a
Trial too thanks for sharing
This information

                 - deewon56

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Same here :)

Awesome. Good luck to us! :D

Yeah. By the way, I noticed that rewards are dropping everyday.

I think it's because more people are buying and staking. It's not really a bad thing as the token in return will become more valuable if there's consistent demand.

How much is the daily reward pool, any idea?

I'll try to accumulate sports just by sharing and posting sports related pieces. Goodluck to me or else imma invest some.

Playing safe is also good. Have some sports! :D

Hope it pays off well for you👍

Thank you always for stopping by! :D

For me, I love reading and talking about sports in general. So really, the crypto is a bonus :)

Salute to your passion and enthusiasm!
Hope to see more people of your wavelength :D

People love sports. No matter where you live, sports brings special emotions. People can talk about it all day. Now we have this platform where we can express everything about sports.

Those are some really nice words. I also felt that sports as a niche on Steem pales in Comparison to others like Art and Music. That is only based on attention being received. Sportstalk might just be the perfect remedy, but what ever will happen, we'll see in the near future. :D

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i think its all about the users.
if user numbers grow, demand should rise as well. The reward pool is likely to spread more, so that no longer the high pay outs. I think you will see it in some time.

This would also need the account creation on the new frond ends run without a problem.

But i dont know. Future will show