A Steem outlook for the coming year!

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My token holdings now

Below, you see my token holdings right now here on the Steem blockchain. The total value is around 330 USD. With the major holdings in SPORTS, LEO, APX, PAL, DLIKER, DBLOG, etc... Now I am very curious what the value of these will be by the end of 2020. Most out here will say ZERO, but I am not that pessimistic. I am sure some will return to dust, but I am also sure, that some will become hits. And those will be integrated in the upcoming SMT's. And with that Steem will grow, as a blockchain and in value.
Will it be immediate? I don't think so, but does this place and it's tokens have a future? Hell yeah!


Steem was pronounced dead, dozens of times, but the hard core community is alive and growing. This is only the bare minimum that is keeping this place alive, and I see new people popping up, every week. With stake and action. That can only mean that this is a vibrant and vivid place, that will persevere!

So, I see you next year, people, with our without tokens, but alive and prosperous!

Have a great night!

A la prochaine,




Ulala nice!