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RE: I Am Loving The Steemleo Tribe

in #steemleo2 years ago

This truly means a lot! Thanks for not only your support but for your consistently awesome content. We have a lot of work to do in the ways of moderating Steemleo and ensuring that the feed is strictly high-quality investment content, but we’re getting there!

In terms of onboarding, we think the content creators who can come here and make great content while simultaneously having an established audience (prior to joining Steem) is vital to growing the Steem userbase. This is the entire reason for Steemleo’s existence — grow Steem or die trying.

You will go down as a true visionary on Steem as one of the most consistent creatives and proponents for Steem adoption. Never stop being you 🧡

p.s. I’ve been loving your videos lately. They are spot on!


No problem. It is a wonderful platform that is forming. I use to read Seeking Alpha a lot a number of years ago. There is a lot of garbage on there but it would be great to pull some of the contributors from there to Steemleo.

Lots of good stuff happening with Steem and Steemleo looks like it is at the center of it all.

Together, we all will keep marching forward.