I Am Loving The Steemleo Tribe

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We are seeing a lot of tribes emerging. I think this is a wonderful thing to witness. One of the biggest problems we had with Steem, in my view, was that it was a river of streaming content passing by. The search capabilities were limited and everything was just bunched together in a big mess.

With the introduction of Tribes, we see a bit more segregation with posts. Many of the Tribes can be described as categories. The content falls under a certain realm which is either of interest or it is not. Nevertheless, there is a basic understanding of what it will be.

For example, #sportstalk is fairly obvious the topic that it covers. When I go there, I expect to see sports related content. While there are some that stretch that into games and eSports, for the most part, we are in the ball park (pun intended 😁).


One of the tribes that I support is @steemleo. I received some tokens during their airdrop. Instead of selling them, I set up a separate account just to curate. By delegating my Steemleo stake, I am able to upvote 10 times a day. This is a way to get a bit of curation rewards in LEO while also helping the posters on there.

In going through the content on there, I will say how fortunate we are to have so many knowledgeable people on Steem. Steemleo deals with investing which entails all asset classes including cryptocurrency. I always thought of Steem as one of the epicenters for information about cryptocurrency since most everyone on here is living it. We also have people who have a long track record with it (a few years which is long in the crypto world). They are willing to share their information on a daily basis.

Of course, isolated on Steemleo, it is much easier to find what I am seeking. Before, it came down to what appeared on my feed, which entails a lot of what I am not interested in even though I like what the content creator posts. To be honest, I might love your post about the future of Steem but do not hold a great deal of interest in the picture of your dinner. On Steemleo, I get the content that is desired.

It is interesting to see their latest plan for attracting known content creators. The team put together an account where they will post the work that is on the Internet while holding the rewards for that post in an account. Over time, if the author does come onto Steem, he or she will have some money already awaiting for them in the form of LEO tokens.

Ultimately, it would be great to see Steemleo become like Seeking Alpha. That site gets a lot of contributors, many who are in the world of investing as a career. This is some of the potential we see here on Steem.

If you haven't checked it out and are interested in investing, head over to Steemleo

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I also like the fact that steem is splitting into more niche tribes. One thing that would be nice is a place where you can see all the different communities that are currently going on. Whether this is just a banner on the steemit site or a new site altogether, it would be nice to be able to learn about all the different communities in one place. As a person who does not have a lot of extra time to scroll the steemit pages each day, it would be nice to find all this information in a centralized place

Check out steempeak - https://steempeak.com/tribes

Leo definitely stands out from the crowd for me. Quality manual curation, as you say some very knowledgeable investors (both crypto and mainstream) shareing their views, and very smart token management.

I can't wait to see the official launch of Steemleo LABS, that has been hinted at. Consulting on the launch of the LIFESTYLE tribe has certainly helped it have a very successful start up.

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I am not aware of Steemleo LABS.

What is that (even if only hinted at)?

2). The Steemleo LABS Project. We actually haven't even announced the LABS project officially, but you may have seen the recent launch of the #lifestyle tribe. This tribe was launched through Steemleo LABS. Think of it like a startup incubator. Tribes/token creators/aspiring business creators can come to Steemleo LABS for assistance & funding to get their project off the ground. In exchange, we ask the project to burn LEO tokens. @one.life (founders of #lifestyle) are set to buy about 10,000 LEO off the market and burn them. Official numbers and details about LABS will be posted soon.

9). Top Secret. We've got another sink in the works, but we'll keep this one to ourselves for now because we don't have a clue when it will be ready due to its complexity.


You could say that LABS is investing in the future of Steem by showing others how to successfully start a new tribe (and probably more than that as well).

It has been mentioned in a couple of places that LEO's consultancy and investment in the Lifestyle launch was the start of a bigger project for LEO. Maybe seed funding and consultancy for STEEM based startups and tribe launches and so on. They have said the formal launch post for this project is coming soon. @khaleelkazi certainly knows his stuff so it should be good. Post coming sunday or monday according to the discord.

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This truly means a lot! Thanks for not only your support but for your consistently awesome content. We have a lot of work to do in the ways of moderating Steemleo and ensuring that the feed is strictly high-quality investment content, but we’re getting there!

In terms of onboarding, we think the content creators who can come here and make great content while simultaneously having an established audience (prior to joining Steem) is vital to growing the Steem userbase. This is the entire reason for Steemleo’s existence — grow Steem or die trying.

You will go down as a true visionary on Steem as one of the most consistent creatives and proponents for Steem adoption. Never stop being you 🧡

p.s. I’ve been loving your videos lately. They are spot on!

No problem. It is a wonderful platform that is forming. I use to read Seeking Alpha a lot a number of years ago. There is a lot of garbage on there but it would be great to pull some of the contributors from there to Steemleo.

Lots of good stuff happening with Steem and Steemleo looks like it is at the center of it all.

Together, we all will keep marching forward.

So far I'm more impressed with steem.leo than with most other tribes. I've never understood the purpose of having a token if you aren't concerned about trade volume and value. Some communities are doomed to fail because they all anything or have no standards. Token communities should monitor what LEO is doing and copy it in terms of token economy or they are basically going to end up worthless.

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We need to make this tribe one of the best of Steem-Engine!

You know what I was reading some posts and @catnet guided me that there are some new tokens airdropped and check it in the site.

and I had tokens SteemLeo along with cat appreaciation and other tokens, and now I know I got some SteemLeo tokens for writing content on cryptos, that's nice.

Lot going on in Steem, and I have to keep pace with it all, I had no idea they were revamping for the better.

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