10,000 More SPORTS token Purchased on Steem-Engine | over 40 Steem so far Invested in SPORTS Token

in #steemleolast year

I read this post by @whatsup and it contained striking messages about the investment opportunities we have in the crypto world, especially on the Steem Blockchain.

Smart Media Tokens (SMT) has been the greateset feature of Steem which promises multiple rewards and community mining, however, Steem-engine team led by @Aggroed and ors were able to bring up a test case in the SCOT tribes. Out of the many tribes, my favourites have been #marlians #steemleo #sportstalk and #palnet where I have been able to make some investments.

I am aware of the scripture that admonishes Christians to cast their bread upon waters, for they will have it back after many days.

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. - Proverbs 11: 1

I am excited to be privileged to invest in SPORTS, MARLIANS in the past few weeks of the creation of the SCOT Tribes. So far, I have been able to invest over 30 Steem in @Sportstalksocial.

I am looking into the future and I will soon begin to start a curation operation with my staked Steem-engine tokens. I see it as an opportunity to empower my communities - @Steemchurch @Sc-n @writeandearn and ther members by curating their #sportstalk posts.

I hope these investments will pay sooner!

You may need to know some other awesome Communities I identify with on Steem

@Steemchurch has been a home here with a special trait of sharing love and freedom. This is a vision of @Sirknight who has sacrificed so much to ensure that 100+ users enjoy love curation (at Zero cost) from @Sniffnscurry. The community in the present is administered by a woman with a brave heart @Darlenys01 and we've had several blessings and prosperity being a part of our community. Joining #Steemchurch is FREE.