The image is made of own imagination and thoughts

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Digital art made by @xpilar

Under water space 1 A.jpg

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A race in the dead sea.

A group of young aliens and rebels, who always looked for adrenaline and adventure formed a society of spaceships, each of them went out of their way to have the coolest spacecraft and originates from the entire galaxy.
Every day they looked for materials with what they could improve and put their personal touch to their space treasure.
One day a week they gathered to do racing at full speed, with this they tested their engines, looked and compared them with those present.
extraterrestrial girls and other young people attended the event, chatted and drank.
Unfortunately, the event began to be banned and the youth of society felt very depressed.
But it occurred to Daniel to do an aquatic event on earth, it was the perfect idea, all aliens loved the earth's climate but humans feared him for that reason they could not be seen and that being an aquatic event they had to adapt their ships the water.
I propose your idea of ​​an event to the young people who formed society and everyone was happy, without hesitation they accepted the challenge.
They immediately got to work, publicized the event and modified their spaceships.
The publicity said: The next August 11 at 23:00 land time in the Dead Sea, the earth will witness the first galactic race, if you want to witness this event attend!!
This event was the only thing spoken, everyone wanted to witness this great original event.
The day came the Dead Sea was filled with young and extraterrestrial adults who were present.
the first race was between five original ships, unique and fast


The truth does not matter who won, or how many races were made. The important thing is that the event was a total success and since then once a week the earth receives the aliens, they take care that the humans do not notice that they are here and They enjoy without danger what they most love to do.

thank you @jdbs for your great story

Life is our own road.

Life is a road, where there will always be drivers on our sides.

A road where we will have stones along the way, ups and downs

Where we will meet people for some stretch, it may be short or long but at some point they will leave us

So we must be happy, in peace and in self-love because we are ourselves the only constant

There are people who want to compete with us, but we must take our own pace, we must go to our own lane.

thank you @anasuleidy for your poem


Eslabones que se unen en las profundidades del mar
y escaleras que nos llevan hasta un mundo sin final
es lo que aprecio en tu hermosa creatividad xpilar
la que expones ahora en magnifico digital
y por compartirlo y ponerme por segundos a pensar
activando las neuronas de mi parte cerebral
es por lo que efusivamente te quiero felicitar.

thank you @brismar for your description

activating the neurons of my brain

it means I've made you look even more closely at my picture


And here we start another journey

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Hello @xpilar, this digital image of yours looks like a very strong chain. because he doesn't rust even in the ocean. and there is a defensive wall on the side.

and in my opinion your digital image is very good to describe. I will describe it in terms of health. the most important thing to keep the body healthy and healthy is to strengthen the body's immunity. immunity is very functioning for the continuation of human health. if someone has a weak immune, then he is very susceptible to disease. but if someone has a strong immune system, then the germs and bacteria are not able to enter the body.

immunity is like a fortress in military combat. and the enemy is germs and bacteria. immunity can be obtained by consuming foods that contain antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and others. this is just my description of the digital image that you display.

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thank you @aulia1993 for your description

nice work

A new perspective today to explore that was incredible

WoW...Digital Space Machinery

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Beautiful design through digital artwork.

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Your each art is like the 3dd drawing, and seems to after rendaring you make it.nice work

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Nice image, thansk a lot

Welcome :)

very nice and greatimagination my dear friend @xpilar

Congratulations @xpilar!
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What a beautiful work of art about strong buildings in the sky.

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imaginative image

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A building of great imagination.

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Interesting picture, @xpilar. Looks like an underwater colony of some sorts.

I am under the sea in the middle of transparent tunnels that go so fast that they distort the view to the sides, in front you can see a big green coral. But my brain still sees everything distorted.

thank you @pequef for your description

very beautiful picture with a variety of attractive colors

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This is incredible. Looks like a train's track road or a machinery background.

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thank you for your description @maxwellmarcusart

I always admire your image I must say

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Very nice looks like some wheels in the water, great job!

Great art, lots of creativity, lots of details, lots of good energy and strength.

thank you so much @elider11

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a good digital post that has beautiful art, I like to see it

A good digital
Post that has beautiful art,
I like to see it

                 - muntaharaceh

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is an urban building in space.

So fantastic, Can any animation be made of this?

it may be possible @anil566

@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, Artificial Portal Pipe.

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I think this is a picture of a building on another planet.

I think this is a
Picture of a building on
Another planet.

                 - rihonkeugata

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice daily digital art work, always active and publishing even though steem is in the water, greetings Mr. @xpilar, Blessings!

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