Patterns and Drawings inside of Daewung-Jeon in Chiljangsa Temple, Anseong City

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The patterns and the drawings were not so various and colorful to those of Wontong-Jeon hall which I posted several days ago.

But the patterns on the ceiling of Daewung-Jeon hall was characteristic to compare with other temples. The pattern in this hall looked like the lotus flower, and its appearance was painted not only the flower but also the leaves and the stalks together. Usually, the lotus flower tented to be stressed other than the leaves and the stalks in other cases.

The dragon was carved to prevent the fire, in the ancient Korean culture, the dragon was the god of the sea. It was the symbol of water.

In this building, the dragons were painted on the end part of the wooden beam. Usually, the dragon was carved and not painted in Daewung-Jeon.

It made me guess me that the temple had not enough money to carved the dragon statues when they built this architecture.

It must be a very difficult time when they began to build this temple architecture. So they could've not carved the sculptures of the dragon inside of Daewung Jeon.

In my memory, it was the first time to see the dragon drawing inside of Daewung-Jeon in this temple.

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There are some people who prefer minimalism in Art and this is very skillfully was used in this temple, those lotus drawing on ceiling may be simple but due to that they do not still the show from the wood work. What I also noticed that the painting is not smooth like in some other temples, it has a texture, like in Impressionism still when slightly thicker colour are used to give an impression of three dimensional work.

As to dragon I did not know that in Korean culture it stays for water, the painting is very nice but as you say having a dragon that is carved out of wood must be more expensive and difficult rather then painting :)


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I do love the woodwork of these temples and the drawings and patterns denotes a lot of meaning for the devout and pilgrims @slowwalker :D

Congratulations @slowwalker!
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