I miss doing these tricks - am I limiting myself to skateboarding?

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Reviewing my documents, I found these tricks and I said to myself, that my mind no longer allows me to do these tricks, not for fear of falling, but for fear of breaking my only material with which I make my videos for this community.

I am at a great disadvantage, because my skater spirit wants to flow and rise, but at the same time bad thoughts stop me, which are not bad, it is simply reality, skateboarding is how luck can break your board unexpectedly.

Sometimes when we stop doing a trick for a while it is difficult to recover it, but today I want to take this video, but I want to know what you think, after I fulfill my missions on the channel I think I have two tricks to fall, I would like to start Recover these tricks.

But in a risky way, without thinking about what would happen, if I break my skate, would it be goodbye? for dtube and my videos?

I always think I hope someone comes with a lot of money and tell me we have sent you three boards to your house and a pair of shoes.

It would be gasoline for my engine, I know that I can get to do great things but how sad that the most important thing is my board, is always in danger of extinction, what a shame that I had to live this time in my country before you could get and find tables and Very easy shoes.

I am a person who always wants to improve, always wants to do my best but stop me for breaking my board, oh shit that if it's sad, excuse this relief, but what do I think I take a risk? Doesn't it matter to break it? I am 50% yes and 50% I would have a bitter taste if I dare and I succeed, it is a Russian roulette we will not know what will happen.

Maybe the board does not break, like other times, but I know this is mental, since if I knew I had another relay board I was skating freely and not in prison, I wait for your answers until a next video friends.


Thanks a @steemskate for the support

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Man don’t give up on those moves, I love the fire you have for it.
How much is a new board in Venezuela?
Not sure how much one is on the UK - it’s been a while for me! 😂

Keep on with it dude

thanks for that great comment brother, we always have to fight for what we want and likewise I put in my head to fight to get the tricks, hey brother prices vary but I think that $ 25 - $ 30 the sandpaper $ 5 and shipping to my island like $ 5 maybe everything is $ 40 greetings brother and thanks for the nice comment

Bro I wish I was this rich guy and I sweat I would have sent you 10 boards my dude! I am barely surviving too in Greece but at least I have a board to skate. Difficult times indeed brother but I don't think this is enough to break your skate spirit my G.
Go get em tricks my man!

One question David, can you log in to Discord and send me the pages of some skateshops from your country? The most known skate shops and the biggest ones please! Or some skateshops from Brazil and other countries that ship easy to Venezuela.

look your discord my G

Better days will come brother, just keep pushing!
Much love and resteemed by @steemskate