Skate Trip Goes Wrong!

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Yo, what's up everyone?

Me and the crew decided to go skate a nearby city called "Filipiada" today. Even though this city is small (3000 residents) it has many skate spots and since we are filming for the new #ftr_Crew Video it was the perfect chance to visit!

I've never been to Filipiada city before so once I saw the spots I go so hyped to skate. Unfortunately, the moment I started skating an unexpected thing happened and that was a really heavy slam on a metalic pole. Fuck. I now have a small hall 10 cm lower from my lungs.

WARNING :In this video I show my wound while it's still fresh so if you can't handle that stuff I recommend you skip this part (1:22-1:30).

The situation got worst once we discovered that there were no doctors at the wannabe "Health Center" of Filipiada city so I had to wait until we return to Ioannina to get my wound treated.
The ony good thing that came out of this tour is a couple of tricks I filmed from my homies and a reminder that anything can happen. Better be more careful next time lol!
Sorry for my babbling and enjoy my video.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and if you want to see more skateboarding check out our awesome community on Steem called "Steemskate" in which you actually own your content and getting paid for it.
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Much love to everyone and have fun.

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Hell yeah man! Blaze that shit! And listening to @christheglove I bet....

Filming after that hit. Nice!!!

Get a first aid kit and training! Have the shit to treat yourself!
.skate hard!!!!!

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Oh man, @christheglove is a Steemian??wtf? Hahahah!
Yeah I should probably have a first aid kit with me for injuries like that, at least with the basics! You never know if the hospital will be open in Greece! Medieval times in my country bro!
How are you doing? Everything cool?

Yep he sure is I just saw he posted about talking to another dope rapper back in the day. He is epic.

Dude that sucks. But glad it wasn't more serious considering the closed hospital. Hope it heals quickly bro!

Man at first I was like ok, I just hurt a little bit. Once I saw that hole at my body I said wtf lol. It's the first time I have an injury like this one! I am ok now, just need to relax some days so the will heal and won't open up again!

Shit brother, what a bad luck I hope you get better soon! These are the saddest moments of skateboarding.

Shit happens bro and most of the times we don't get injured by trying a hard trick, we get injured like I did when just riding around.
My fall was really stupid lol!

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