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Hello everyone.

We had an awesome late-night skate session with the homies at one hell of a spot at Ioannina city university.

All this footage was filmed in one night and a big shout out to my homie @Alexjay for taking care of the camera work! Also big ups to Alekos and @Papadog for killing it today! Such a great night!
Enjoy the video.

A huge thank you to my friend @stickchumpion for these awesome tunes.
Here is his Soundcloud channel

Thank you all for watching and supporting memy friends and take a look at our awesome skateboarding community called @steemskate if you want to see more skate action.

Much love to everyone and stay #SKATEFORLIFE

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Thank you so much <3

Bro wtf? this spot is so amazin G, really killing the fucking spot, R.I.P stair, hahahaha keep going my brother, is amazing.

Thanks for your comment G. These stair are inded perfect and you are not afraid to try any trick cause the flat is just perfect. No way you get hurt.
It was an awesome skate session with the crew!