I Learnt 2 New Tricks at the Flatbar

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Hello my friends, how are you?

I am so happy today cause I finally landed 2 tricks I've been thinking of trying for some time now.
These tricks are the "Fs Feeble" and the "Bigspin Fs Boardslide". I tried both of them at the flatbar and it worked out great.

I think I have to challenge myself more and more these days cause I am feeling super-hyped and thirsty for skateboarding.

I hope you enjoyed the edit my friends and if you want to see more skateboarding check out our awesome skate community called @steemskate.
Here is the link.

Much love to everyone and stay safe!
Haris (@Knowhow92)

The music is by fellow #Steemskater @stickchumpion and the song is called "I Envy the Idiots"

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Really happy brother I feel, that you learn these two new tricks. and I just uploaded a video remembering the tricks I want to do but you know what? fuck what happens, tomorrow I try to make the bigspin fs board once again, you have motivated me brother I congratulate you, you have a great level of skateboarding.

My G <3 Thank you so uch, what a great comment!
Glad that I motivated you to do it again. I know you don't want to break your board that's why you don't try it but I think you got it very fast and easy man!

Go get it meeeen!