Introducing "SkateHive" Skateboarding Community

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Special thanks to @illusivelf for the Logo


Hello everyone, we are @SkateHive, a community focused on supporting skateboarding content posted on Hive.
We were actively upvoting and resteeming skate related content for over 1 and a half year on Steem as @Steemskate. Since we believe in content ownership and free speech we decided to leave Steem and start our new journey on Hive.
If you want to learn more about our work on Steem you can check out our official Steem Blog :


Community Changes

#steemskate #Skatehive

R.I.P #Steemskate Tag.
Starting today, we will no longer be upvoting and resteeming content tagged with #steemskate. Instead our new community tag will be #Skatehive. That makes sense right?


Since all our delegations and Hive Power are currently at the @steemskate account we changed the Display name to "SkateHive Curator" and we will be using this account to vote and resteem your content.
The @Skatehive account is going to be our official account and will be using to post future updates, news and contests for all our community members.
We also updated our community page info and from now on you can find us as "SkateHive".


As well as our Instagram, Facebook and Discord profiles.
Find us bellow :
- Instagram :
- Facebook :
- Discord :


Feel like supporting us?

Delegate to @steemskate

You can delegate to @steemskate, the account which will be used to upvote and resteem skateboarding content and help us support every skater with a much bigger upvote. We are currently voting with 9500 Hive Power thanks to our awesome delegators bellow :

Delegators :

@Liondani - 5000 HP
@Streetstyle - 3000 HP
@Sandymeyer - 250 HP
@Knowhow92 - 500 HP
@Cmplxty - 75 HP
@Sketch17 - 50 HP
@Da-dawn - 50 HP )
@Stickchumpion - 25 HP
@Nicksmitley - 15 HP
@Bitandi - 2 HP

Follow our Curation Trail

Our curation trail is currently supporting all skaters with a +$0.40 upvote thanks to all those who've been following us (special thanks to @matt-a). If you want to support our work you can follow our curation trail at the link bellow :


Thank You

We want to thank all our community members for their awesome content and all those who support us.
If you have any questions drop a comment bellow or find us bellow :
- Instagram :
- Facebook :
- Discord :

Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Let's goo good start to everyone 👊🔥

Let's go bro!

Newwww start guys.


Happy to have you with us @dikayskate and @zagorisioss

@cmplxty you getting in on this?

I'll get it on it with old pics of my skating, no new ones to be had lol I can't afford any injured limbs at the moment.

Can't wait!

I think that @Cmplxty should start practising some flatground tricks while in locke down! Hehehe

lol and can we have pics or it didn't happen. Will you guys be linking up with @actifit? Seems like some synergy there :)

Great idea @chekohlel! Thanks for the Feedback!
I would love to see @cmplxty skate indoors too! I know he was skating really good back in the day but what about now?

Hey @cmplxty, 5 Hive for a Kickflip?

Hahah thanks for the offer! I don't know if I'll take you up on that, I need to be in good shape. If I didn't have a shitty right wrist that would probably break if I fell on it, I would totally be doing it. Perhaps when the quarantine is over lol


Sounds cool!

Thanks man!
Are you into skateboarding?

I'm not myself, but exploring the new communities here. I have a couple of friends who are though...