Sports Contest - 50,000 SPORTS + Votes for decent entries!

Write a post and include #sportstalk and #sts-contest in your tags for massive profitsssssssssssssssss.


Last month, I put out a call for a post on sports related injuries with a prize of 50,000 SPORTS for the best entry. The contest was won by @galenkp with this post.

Same again this time but the topic is most famous sportsperson meet.

Mine would be Lee Sharp for Manchester United the season after they won the 1992/1993 Premier League. I'm guessing not many non-Brits will remember this guy, but on his day (when he wasn't out clubbing the night before) was a decent winger with an eye for goal. Sharpie won 8 caps for England, 8 more than most.

I think I still have his autograph somewhere, not that it's worth anything these days. Clayton Blackmore (who) was also there signing Lee Sharp postcards, lol.

  • Points if I know who you are talking about (I'm British and 41)
  • Points for signed autograph photo
  • Points for randomness of meet and comedy
  • I'll remind my STS buddies of the #sts-contest so they can dish some votes out
  • 50,000 SPORTS to the best one, chosen by myself and my extensive advisory team of no-one, as yet
  • Don't forget the #sportstalk and #sts-contest tags or else I might miss your post

Good luck!



Thanks for the opportunity, Okay the post must be about the most famous sports person I've ever met? Can it be anyone I haven't met too?

Yes, and no :)

An excellent competition @abh12345.sports and making a post about famous athletes is always interesting!

This is too easy. I remember Lee Sharpe, but he wasn't that famous. I think he disappeared from the top teams as he had knee trouble or something like that.

Nah, he just earned enough money to meet his aim to retire at age 32!%3B+Sex+scandal+hits+Fergie%3B+FA+ready+to+launch...-a061179706

  • he was on Love Island so he's gotta be famous, right? ;-)

Job done at 32, that would have been nice.

Oooh, I will have to keep this in mind. I am not sure who I would use though. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting many famous people. When does the contest end. I might have to think about it over the weekend?

I guess when this post pays out :)

this is very cool, nice fat prize too, am passing the info down my pipeline

Thank you :)

Oops haven't been opportuned to meet any famous sport person.... Too bad

ahh bummer :(

Fantasy league ?