That Football Event In Miami

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It is estimated that more than 150k out-of-state visitors will be descending upon Miami this weekend for the football extravaganza that is to take place. Some think that this might turn out to be the best one that the people have ever seen, according to Dolphins CEO T. Garfinkel.

Hundreds of millions have been spent investing in upgrades for stadium renovations, hotel occupations are near full, and thousands of out-of-state employees have been brought in to help with the demand for services.

Thousands of volunteers are contributing their services and overall it is estimated that some almost 20k hotel rooms might be booked just this weekend for the event.

Some estimates suggest that individuals who are attending the event might be looking to spend upwards of $6,000 overall.

The ticket alone is costing thousands of dollars, with some opportunities even being offered to allow people to sign up for tickets to this and pay installments. To pay for those tickets with interest over time, as much as 30 percent, in order to attend the event that they're longing to see. It might be a silly reason to go into debt for some, but no doubt there will be some takers.

In total, it's suggested that some 100 million people might be tuning in to catch this event.

Airlines have been adding more non-stop flights to Miami to try and deal with the surge in demand. The average hotel rate for the region this weekend is said to be a little more than $500 or more. The increase in travel and tourism demand on the local economy is adding to the already busy season that they know to be Feb and March, high season for tourism.

For Airbnb they are almost completely out of local listings for anyone who might be wanting to find a place to stay in the south Florida region.

All That Food

About 3,000 people will be busy working behind the scenes to prepare food for this event. For everyone from the players, to the fans, and performers. They will need to feed more than 200k people and though they aren't new to holding big events, they will be dramatically increasing their efforts and scale of operation for this event.

At least 50 percent more staff had to be brought in to meet the demand.

It is reported that the culinary team that has been tasked with bringing the food to the people for this event, had started prepping their plans for it several years ago. To meet the demand they've had to outsource cooking to some local vendors and bring in more temporary rental kitchen space.

They will be preparing more than 10k hot dogs, and hundreds of menu items like baked beans, burgers, salads, chicken wings, turkey sandwiches, lamb curry, and more.

At least 40 local vendors were asked to help meet the food demand, with many of them working around the clock to get it done. Some even had to seek extra fridge space to get the job done, like one local bakery that had been asked to cook more than 9,000 cookies for the event.

They spend a great deal of time not only prepping but also staying active in adjusting their service to meet the changing demand throughout the event. They allegedly have the goal of serving each and every customer their food order in 45 seconds or less. That's a high standard to try and live up to for a high pressure event such as this one.

Most people will be paying attention to the performers and athletes during the spectacle, but there are thousands who will be busy working behind the scenes. There are thousands of contributors and without their efforts throughout the day, the entire event wouldn't be possible.



I'm not a big football person, but this is going to bring a lot of revenue for business owners here in Florida... Great news!

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