Surf Spot Check #3 The Pass

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The Pass, another beautiful Surfspot in the town of Byron Bay often described as one of the best surf beaches in Australia. It definitely is a good spot but I do not agree with the best spot in Australia. I only surfed this spot twice as it tends to be very crowded, especially during the weekends and school holidays.

The Pass

Type: Right Hand Point Break
Best Tides: Low and Mid Tide
Seabed: Sand and Rocks
Wave Height: 3-8+ ft
Dangers: Rips, Undertows, man-made danger, localism


While this Surfspot is suitable for all levels of surfers, as a Beginner I wouldn´t go in on a weekend. If you decide to go anyway do yourself a favor and stay out of the way of the locals. Apart from beeing a awesome surfspot this is one of my favorite beaches to just hang around, chill and watch the surfers.

There is a big rock which you can climb from where you got a perfect view over the surfbreak. You can also see Wategos on the other side of the headland, which is another great surfspot.

View of the whole beach at The Pass

Viewing Plattform

Wategos on the other side

Since most surfers have a regular stance (means left foot at the front) and prefer waves breaking to the right this is the perfect spot for them.

To surf that spot on a small day can be fun already but if you´re lucky enough to catch a wave on a good day with the right wind and swell direction you can surf up to 300m. Waves here can get really fast and hollow.



Due to the warm water temperature you will only need a wetsuit in winter. During the months december to april you will be fine with shorts and a normal bikini.

This spot is also pretty famous for dolphin and whale watching. While I´ve never seen a whale here, I once had the pleasure to surf with 3 dolphins. Around 2 minutes they were playing right next to me, a experience I really won´t forgett.


Video of Dolphins at The Pass

All in all this is a great surfspot if you stick to a few rules. Also look out for diving boats wich come out through the line up and will hit you if you don´t move.


Such a beautiful spot, if crowded. Used to love surfing there early 90s. We have vowed never to go to Byron again though... too busy for us..glad you got to swim with dolphins, ive had them on my waves before.. Lots of whales on the coast at moment.

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It is busy and I really don´t like that, but for some reason I like it there anyway. We once had a Housesit in Ocean Shores and I always went to Belongil in the morning.

I know, it's such a beautiful, beautiful place. Do you live there? Or close to there? I have a funny feeling I asked you this before and i apologise that I forgot!

Can´t remember. Unfortunately I live as far away as possible! :) Currently I´m back home in Germany, but will be fyling back to Bali in October and hopefully be bacj in Australia end of the year.

Oh, how nice. Yeah we'll be doing a SE Asia trip next year, overland from Flores all the way to Northern India. Can't wait1

wow that sounds like a big adventure! I haven´t been to Flores but I hope I can make it this time. Looking forward to read about your trip.