Afraid of Water? 5 Simple Steps for Water Confident

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Are you afraid of water? Are you afraid of the open sea? scared water over your head ? scared your feet can't touch the ground?

I felt the same too. No worries below are my own experience when I first started to swim and there are the 5 simple steps to be confident in and on the water.



  1. Overcoming Fear. Fear is the biggest obstacles for people while learning or attempt to swim, lots of people are afraid of water over their head or also deep water. There a few ways to tackle this and this is how I do it. Breath in while the pool and face down facing the floor pool, let the water float your body, once you out of breath, continue to stand, and practice that facing the up / your back is facing the floor pool. Get the buoyancy of the body, feel it the water float you, move your hands, leg and be creative.

  2. Learning to Breath while Swimming: Breath in using your mouth when you above the above and breath out using your nose or mouth while inside the water. Do it up and down for 3-5 second, and slowly increase the time to hold your breath in the water. Cool game to play with friends is to challenge, Who can stay in the water longest time, Win!!!



  1. Making Friends with Water: Some people thinks water is scary, or hostile. We need to think otherwise, change the mindset. Treat the water as a friend and gonna play with you. Think of them as a good friend who will make you cool, fun and happy. Lie back on the water surface and try to play the water, flip, turn, swing, and etc. It is building a bond of confidence between each other, start off from the shallow water, then your instinct will lead you to deeper waters soon.

  2. Learning to use your Leg FIRST: Swimming, Snorkeling or Diving; LEG is the most important part of it. Similar to our body in Point 3. Same goes with our leg, try do flipping, squats, kicks, the crawl and etc. There is no right or wrong for now because we just trying to FEEL the water and built the confidence, not becoming Olympic Swimmer.
    Take a swimming board and hold your arms straight, face down the try do all the kicking and flipping your leg up and down.



  1. Learning to Swim with your Arms: Nicely done if you have already tried out your leg, if you think you can go for a lap, please do it!!! It means the confidence is coming, no harm by giving a try. Stop if you have to, don't force the body yet.
    After you learn the Leg, do it with Arms. Same procedure, Freestyle, The Crawl, Breaststroke. learn the basics first, get the routine first then jump unto other techniques. Do not hesitate to use a swim board for buoyancy if wanna do a lap, no harm to use it. Its meant to use it anyway its the purpose of it.

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