Having Coffee Break at Optimum Prime Coffee in Bireuen Town

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Hi everyone. Happy weekend! A friend of mine and I had a coffee break at Optimum Prime Coffee Shop in Bireuen Town. It’s located at Banda Aceh - Medan main road, not so far from four-corner of Bireuen Town.


Optimum Prime is the coziest coffee shop in the town. They are also serving the best taste of espresso. They use Arabica Full wash beans from Gayo Highland-Sumatra.


I ordered a cup of arabica espresso, it’s very tasteful with heavy body of beans. I think they roosted the beans with full city.


If you like to drink tasty espresso, I highly recommend to have espresso here if you travel to Bireuen Town.

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Restaurant Information

Optimum Prime Coffee Shop
Jalan Medan - Banda Aceh No.105-106, Bireun Meunasah Capa, Kota Juang, Kabupaten Bireuen, Aceh 24211, Indonesia

Having Coffee Break at Optimum Prime Coffee in Bireuen Town
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