My Very First Wednesday Walk Post

in teammalaysia •  9 months ago 

Thanks to Quick and YouCut, although it doesn't look fantastic from Quick's compilation, it didn't turn out as a total failure.

This is my first themed base quick mash up Vlog I have attempted, along with #wednesdaywalk theme started by a Steemian and I thanks to Actifit and Google Maps, I managed to chart how far I have walked and attempted to reach 15,000 steps every weekend.

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A cool way to present your walk with the video

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Haha thank you for founding this cool category @tattoodjay 😊

@elizacheng has been getting us in for a very long time but never got the chance to literally walk that far in such a short time and in such distance before.

Today is the day to start a new post after hard fork 21 haha.

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Glad to have you join :) and its good the hardfork went through fairly quickly after past ones no one was sure what would happen

Yes, but there seems to be HF22 is already deploying haha 😅

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Yes indeed we will see the impact it has in us all