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Have you heard of #teamtress? It's an initiative taken on by YouTube user Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, to plant 20 million trees. So far they've received commitments for over 12.5 million trees with less than two months to go in the goal. We want to do our part to show that the money of the future can help serve admirable causes like this. That's why we are happy to announce the CryptoTree project.

With CryptoTree users are able to donate Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin in $1 increments that will be forwarded to #teamtrees. To commemorate your support for this project you will receive 1 TREE token to showcase your support.

About #teamtrees

#TeamTrees was started earlier this year when MrBeast hit the 20M subscriber milestone. Fans suggested MrBeast plant 20M trees to commemorate the event which he agreed to. That led to MrBeast reaching out to other YouTubers and influencers to begin gathering support for the project.

The team realized that they weren't equipped to handle such a mission alone and reached out to the Arbor Day Foundation. With this partnership in place they've been able to ensure that each dollar donated would equal 1 tree planted in a high need area.

How To Donate

1.) Visit
2.) Enter the number of trees you'd like to plant
3.) Enter the Steem account that should receive the TREE tokens
4.) (Optional) Enter a memo to be stored on our donation list
5.) Select your preferred crypto to be given a receiving address for your donation

TREE Token

TREE Token is a Steem Smart Contract token within the Steem Engine platform. TREE tokens have no issued value and are simply a commemorative token to highlight a user's participation in the #teamtrees initiative.

This is great! How can I get involved with Team Trees?

Apart from donating, there are a number of ways to help. The best way to support our goal is to tell other people about it — we want everyone to plant trees! Make something creative to spread the word like art, a song, or a video. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action (hint… plant trees), include #TeamTrees, our deadline (January 1st, 2020), and

Help make this as big as possible. When you see #TeamTrees videos or live streams or social media content out in the world, do all of us a favor and like/upvote/RT/share/comment. Be generous with your attention and help get the message out. -

To help support this project's awareness on Steem we are happy to announce the #sportstalk community will be rewarding #teamtrees posts on the Steem blockchain with upvotes until 20M trees have been donated. As the #teamtrees team mentioned share your art, music and videos but do it on Steem and earn rewards while building awareness for this project! Let's highlight how Steem can be used as a tool for social good by bringing awareness to issues that can help change the world.


CryptoTrees is not affiliated with MrBeast or We just want to offer everyone the opportunity to plant trees with crypto.


Love this initiative! Let's show the utility of cryptos, most especially Steem and #Sports token.

yeah i need to make sure @weedcash @richardcrill sees this :D

Weed is talked about as TREES especially here

Kudos for your shares

I'll try to plant at least a tree before this year runs out. Shout out to @teamtrees for the initiative

I am very happy to have been supporting this project from the very beginning and was the one who paid the 100 ENg to fund the creation of the TREE token on steem-engine :)I can now put that in my resume and when CRYPTO TREES ends up donating more than 1 million trees than even Elon Musk, than we will all realize that GOOD IDEAS get funded by the wealthy

The wealthy have enough money to do whatever they want so lets just appeal to the Elon musk's and show them Steem is worth investing into. so many steemians in teh past like its creator @ned were afraid to sell their own coin as aggressively as we needed lol well, not anymore. We are going to AGGRESSIVELY market steem soon. And we do it through steem engine and projects like TREE token

The time of the Ned Tree is over, now the @elipowell tree is here! COME let us gather under her leaves!

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Was thinking about doing something like this. Awesome that you beat me to it!

Congratulations @teamtrees!
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Hey @wehmoen (or @teamtrees), how are you going to funnel the support from users to the tree planting execution? Convert the STEEM donations to USD and then send them to MrBeast? Are you covering the fees of that too?

Would be nice if someone would convince to accept TREE tokens too! Imagine the benefits of SMT's, STEEM, etc...

Huge thoughts about this kind of strategies... Like it!

Shoutout to @treeplanter who has been doing something similar since June 2017.

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