help me get actifit on telos this month before xmas so we can list on newdex bt christmas

in #actifit10 months ago

Help me get the sand token to be associated with actifit so that you can get the actifit token popular in San Diego and I can get actifit onto Telos and then listed on the new Dex exchange then we can get funding every month to fund actifit on Telos and allow actifit users to develop adapt for the Telos mainnet which will allow users to pay out to get payouts in Telos tokens by selling them on newdex people will be able to exchange their actifit tokens from the steam engine over the Telos blockchain and it'll be as easy as a few clicks that way people can get more excited and Arbitrage the two exchanges between steam engine I newdex that I owe we can have funding of a few thousand dollars every month to actually get actifit on the Telos blockchain and to develop a dapp slowly over time using the existing mobile app simply integrating the peg actifit token I've been speaking to activate people like Rehan and I hope to get this done within the next month so that we can have active fit on Telos and listed on newdex before Christmas so that all activate you do men get paid Telos tokens to walk around their City I think Telos watching would love a system like active it it's undervalued and underappreciated on the steam blockchain once we have it on EOS IO we can have actifit paying all Telos users to walk around with app in their pocket every step will be a piece of a Telos token