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St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy is taking place between February 10 and February 16 this year, obviously in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Today I had the chance to see the match between the Swiss Belinda Bencic and the Greek Maria Sakkari. These two ladies were both unknown to me as I've never heard of them (I know, shame on me)or have seen them playing, so it was a pleasure to meet them today.


The beginning of the match was very unbalanced. Maria Sakkari was not in her best shape as she was making mistakes and lost the first set to 6 - 2. The score alone tells who was superior, plus who was watching the match could see it with their own eyes.

Maria Sakkari acted like a two year old, throwing childish tantrums every time something she didn't like. The commentator said she's acting like a well known player from the top ten. If you're following tennis, you know exactly who he was referring to as the person is in top ten. And he was right, they both act like some drama Queens although they shouldn't. It's unacceptable.

The second set seemed more balanced, looked like Maria Sakkari was able to find the rhythm and won the set to 6 - 4. And she was able to won the third set as well to 6 - 3.

I don't know what's happened to Belinda Bencic as she started out very well, looked like she was dominating the game and then her power and concentration started to fade away. Judging by the first set she was clearly better than her opponent. She was precise and decided, but then something happened and all that was gone.

Belinda Bencic lost the game at the end but for me she's better than Maria Sakkari. I would never favor someone who can't control his or her temper. To see a player angry and throwing tantrums during a match is the worst in my opinion. Tantrum has no place in sports. That is for kindergarten kids and those who don't understand this, have no place in the game.

Maria Sakkari qualified to the semifinals. She's going to meet Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan, who is World No.25.

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