Wimbledon Final discussion - Federer vs Djokovic

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It's Wimbledon time, I'm so excited for this match!

30 minutes away from the final starts, odds for Federer is now at 8/5, dropped from 2.6 yesterday, should have put my life saving yesterday.

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Have you watched semifinal between Federer and Nadal the other day? After watching that match, I certainly pick Federer to win today!

Tennis is so damn unpopular in Belgium, I can't even find any bars playing it today, have to stream it at home now T T

Let's hope it's gonna be a great match! Who else on Steem is watching?


I need to admit, since the glorious time of Steffi Graf and Boris Becker my interest towards Tennis returned to quite basic but these giants are worth a watch and for sure a post :-).

Never really saw those playing. Missed those golden times. I’ve been watching tennis for about 15 years never thought they would play for so long :)

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Semifinal was crazy! As a swiss mannequin I cheer for Federer... but it's not easy to beat the Djoker!
Steemitri The Mannequin

Yes!!!! It’s starting! Roger go!!!

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Still watching?

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I m still alive... No heart attack

me almost ^^

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Break point!!

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Djokovic will win!

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I pick Federer.

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Novak Djokovic is for my native country so i pick him :)

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I see. Make sense. Serbia nice country!

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I told you Djokovic will win 😝

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don't talk to me now lol

Wow! Crazy match!!!

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