Sunday Tennis and Other Things.

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For the last two weeks, @dismayedworld has been kicking me out of bed at 10am on Sundays for Tennis.

Why, I have no idea but she is a teenager who changes her mind about things every minute and I have been obliging her to keep the peace.


She used to be part of a club at 10 years old but never got past the beginner stages.

I too was once a club player and bought the same racket as Roger Federer used to use in 2012.


It’s the club version and not the 90’ size extra small face he used for control.

Moving from one of those crappy rackets you can buy in a supermarket to a £120 one was quite a change as you get used to the extra large face and feel.


Still I managed though never really got any good at the sport. I haven’t played at club level since 2016 due to back problems, but an hour with @dismayedworld and with these practise junior balls I can manage.


Real balls would get whacked everywhere resulting in far more fetching balls than hitting them.



We have free courts to use close to where we live but they are a far cry from the quality of the club ones I was once used too. Still when they don’t cost you can’t complain.


Despite struggling to keep a rally going for 7 or 8 shots, I was sweating badly after an hours play. Tennis was always a game I loved as you gain the exercise benefits and you can enjoy it too.

Having a competitive partner helps, but some things are just unattainable.

The runners would disagree with me but I find jogging intensely boring though it’s much harder than this and yields a much better workout.


She kept stopping for swigs of water. It was a hot day even early.

Morning is the time to visit these courts, as by afternoon time the dickheads arrive with their footballs, cans of beer and use them for alternative things.

Fortunately they don’t get out of bed before noon but sometimes we have to clear away their crap and broken beer bottles before we can start.


I can’t say that I have seen any dogs in here, and how are they going to enforce that £75 fine?

Call me sceptical but you don’t argue with bands of roaming intoxicated argumentative teenagers with their ‘Staffy’ hounds in tow.

Yes I'm a cynic, but @dismayedworld is just the same as me. Any sign of ‘that lot’ and we are gone.

This has turned into a right old moan hasn’t it? And I was going to talk about Tennis!



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My dad used to be into lots of sports including tennis and we used to have family tennis time regularly which was fun and very good exercise I was ok at it but nit great I focused more in the winter sports myself

I good idea to get in play and get out before the idiots arrive

I remember when I firstly tried playing tennis, I broke some windows, lol! But it's a game that I admire really much :)

I don't play tennis but find knowing about kid's balls will be good for my granddaughter to try.

I fancied myself a good tennis player until I actually played one. Oh. I am so glad to hear that you are taking your daughter, even if her interest isn't really in it so much.

There will be something she finds that she will absolutely love and then there will be no holding her back. I actually love running and have toned it down as I want my knees to last and I have been running on them for 25 years. I have always run. Not long or far, but, just enough to keep me in shape and get my 10,000 steps.

Play ball!!!!


Oh. I am so glad to hear that you are taking your daughter, even if her interest isn't really in it so much.

On the contrary, its her who wants to play. She wants the exercise, and I don't mind some myself ;)

Actually, I meant that even though she wants to play, I think she will probably find something she is really passionate about. But, I may have misjudged that. ;)

I'm all about the exercise, even in this dragging down heat.

Nice that you and @dismayedworld are getting a game together.
What's the difference between kids balls and real balls?

What's the difference between kids balls and real balls?

They are lighter, slower though the air and don't bounce as much. I don't like using them, but we wont be able to keep even 2 shots going without them.

My only attempts at tennis have involved no rallies and much ball fetching. I’m that incompetent that some times even hitting the ball to serve was a struggle, let alone getting the little bugger over a net. I’m most admirable of you Sunday morning workout, my boys next plan for us is to go magnet fishing - that should be a relatively sweat free affair. !COFFEEA 15

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my boys next plan for us is to go magnet fishing

Ah, for me it has to be sweaty.. an opportunity for exercise!

It's easier to do these kinds of sports than it is to jogging 100% with you, my go to sport is normally football or basket, even though I sometimes do sprint trainings around the walls of my city. But I don't really have much fun doing it, it's more to workout and keep the bad health at bay.

That is pretty awesome. I wish I had known about those kinds of balls. I took my nieces to play tennis a while ago and we spent most of our time chasing balls. I played in high school but haven't really touched a racket since then. I had a couple good serves and my nieces were mildly impressed. That was about it. :P

I try and keep the rally going, attempting to return her wayward shots with easy to hit ones. The trouble is that I am very rusty and do plenty of bad shots myself.

I've hit a ball back and forth a couple times but that is the extent of my tennis playing.
I also tried jogging once. Once. Now I only run when chased.

Welcome back to Sportstalk :-) Proper Park tennis courts!!
Dogs don't have any money anyway........

We are lucky to have some, many council's have let them go and they are jungle's now. They don't even remove the nets for winter on these ones. You can happily play on Christmas day if you like.

Rolling the whole story over into tennis is interesting.

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You went full tag on this one :) You are sportier than I thought.

You went full tag on this one

Only relevant ones, busy lets you use 100 tags now it seems, dickheads was an appropriate one too :)

You are sportier than I thought.

This is where it ends, Tennis and Golf are.. were my fortes.

For what I'll actually make from the tribes I'm not that bothered. I see Steem is down a bit more, but btc is up. Hard to tell where the tokens will go

Hard to tell where the tokens will go

It is, but I have invested STEEM in many of them, at least the ones I use. Having some problems getting my MOT order filled though.