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Things have changed drastically for the NBA this year.
The teams have time to prepare and play their best with fans in plain sight.
What you saw last year may not repeat at all this season.
With the play-in add up to the cue of teams available for the playoffs, it brings a piece
of fun we did not have before.


Before I jump to the Lakers, look how Milwaukee is playing this year. They are giving the Heat what they did to them last year. Grizzlies have opportunities with their series. It remain to be seen what will happen cause we cannot judge all teams just one game so far. Celtics not so lucky going forward since they play ISO ball and this way they are not able to share the ball much.

I can say the same for the Heat as well. Lakers on the other hand relies so much through James and AD. Lack of third option is always the problem with team with Superstars. I guess that is LeBron problem to deal with. Tonight we should expect a different approach where AD will lead and James will continue his way of assisting everyone to score. A loss always bring a sense of urgency and a bit of stress to get the job done. Tonight AD and James could easily score 30 each. Who else will step up to fill the gap. Playing defense is exhaustive. Guys need to step up and limit CP3 the opportunity to run his team.

Will it be possible for James to run for another Championship? This game tonight will put light in that question. As you are well aware, Playoffs basket ball is another bull into the games. The matchup we are all waiting for is: Both Los Angeles team playing each other. PG still slowly finding its form. Dallas did find ways to tame the duo and tonight I am waiting for the answer to Doncic ease of penetrating and scoring at ease.

Lakers may get to the end. It will not be easy. Hopefully the break AD and LeBron had in the season gave them enough time to re-energize for a very long playoffs. West always tough to get by. Now if Dallas can take care of Clippers, I can say Lakers hard work will cut in half. Not so fast, having the fans around get the players into the game.
I know Bron is not MJ, but this is the moment we need to see the best of the best compete for the trophy.


The truth is that this year in the NBA there are very good teams as well as young people who have stepped forward like Utah, Phoenix for a conference and on the other we have New York and Atlanta. As for the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems that they need one more player, perhaps they never thought it was necessary, but now they have found a harsh reality since what they have may not be enough to repeat the title. Besides he created there is a clear favorite right now and it is the Brooklyn Nets.

La verdad que sí este año en la NBA hay muy buenos equipos además de jóvenes los cuales han dado un paso al frente como Utah, Phoenix para una conferencia y por la otra tenemos a Nueva York y Atlanta. En cuanto a los Ángeles Lakers parece que necesitan a un jugador más tal vez nunca pensaron que fuera necesario pero ahora se encontraron con una dura realidad ya que lo que tienen quizás no les alcance para repetir el título. Aparte creó hay ahora mismo un claro favorito y son los Brooklyn Nets.

Glad you are watching the games.
So much to look forward too this playoffs.
Clippers are down 0-2 and game 3 will be epic at Mavericks own turf.
Be there!

I think I should start following basketball games.

Nice analysis

It is only fun to watch during playoffs.
Otherwise it is not that interesting.

Am interested in seeing how far the bucks go this year with Giannis leading them. Perhaps Heat wasn't their best test but am rooting for them

It will be something to see Milwaukee moving forward.
I think The Bucks will stop right at the Nets.
Heat will give them some flames but that's it

Although I don't follow baseball as much today as I did years ago, I hope the Lakers make it to the finals, they are my favorite NBA team.

You meant to say basketball.
They won last year.
Repeat is a tough cookie for any sports.
Lakers are used to repeat so we will see.

Basketball, sorry I don't know what I was thinking.
It's true, the Lakers are a great team.

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Lakers have been poor this season. Wouldn't be banking on them this term.

Particularly concerned on Milwaukee, they were very good against heats in the playoffs. Lots of three pointers in that game

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A lot of surprises this post season.
The Nets could be the team to win it all.
Let me wait for Lebron to decide his plan
with the Suns.

A lot of surprises this post season.

Yeah. The Grizzlies shocked me the most with their win against Jazz.

The Nets could be the team to win it all.

The Nets playing really well. Likely Favourites to win it.

Let me wait for Lebron to decide his plan
with the Suns.

Yh, looking forward to Friday's game. Anthony Davis performance was really impressive in their win earlier today

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What do you think of Dallas vs Los Angeles Series?
Luka is playing skywalker like basket ball now !