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A fine read filled with brutality, pain, and some tasty food for thought :)

Footballers, those kicking the ball, rarely get past 35 today as the body tires but those that do are amongst the best players on the field. I think they have made that shift from raw skill and being owned by their ego to bringing other qualities to the field.

AM football though, you guys are all nuts! :)


Cheers mate.

I figured I'd go different way with the injury theme as most would probably just go the way of describing a physical injury. I've had a few, more than I want to recall actually, but none I'd like to recall. 😀

Fairly long post, but when do I ever do short ones? Haven't quite learned the knack of it yet. 😂

I like this route, different :)

Injuries are the worst, especially when you require your body for your job and/or something you love. At least you got to play for a while - one of the guys who's entered had some awful luck with his knee and that ended things for him way too early.

Always long posts, had to go get another coffee :)

I was lucky that my injuries were fixable. I have operations in the off-season and be ready to go by pre-season. I got over 10 good years of playing American football.

You much drink a lot of coffee...I'll work on a shorter post. Got a Lego one coming up tomorrow. Pictures, not as many words. Only 700 or so. 🤣

Ten years sounds like a good innings for such a heavy impact sport.

700? Probably beats my longest effort this week :D