Live action: Bouncing balls and sunset splendour

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I'm not much of a hoop-shooter, I'll be honest. Basket ball was never my thing and well honestly...I suck at it. Still, being average to poor at a thing has never stopped me from doing it.

Tonight we headed to the beach for a walk and I took my basket ball which, for the reason you read above, doesn't get much use. After taking a walk we shot some hoops...Actually, technically I only shot hoop - Like, a single one...Faith shot multiple...She's 6 foot tall and was an expert netball player so yeah, made me look like a dick, and she trash-talked too! We had fun though.

We watched the sun dip down to the horizon, heading off to light someone's else's day and shared some fish and chips from our favourite shop whilst chatting about the day. We are starting to work up a trip to Tasmania for March 2020 which is to celebrate my 50th so chatted about that, also.

I'm not sure what it is about the air down there, is it the salt air maybe? It energises though and leaves me feeling relaxed yet invigorated at the same time. An odd, but welcome feeling.

Living in South Australia means we're not subjected to super-cold winters and it doesn't snow either. No show chains, spiked tyres or shovelling snow! I haven't experienced a winter day much colder than 8°C really but I think it would be cool, literally - Different to what I'm used to. Maybe I'll get a chance to spend winter in EU someday. It gets hot here though, very hot, and earlier this year in January we had temps of 47°C so yeah, kinda hot huh? It summer here now, officially and it's warming up with 37°C forecast for Sunday. More beach days.

It's weird seeing posts about snow storms when we're here walking barefoot on the beach soaking up the last warmth from the sun...I think I'd rather be here than there though, in the snow. I guess some of you would too! 🙂

Anyway, tonight was nice...I got my ass handed to me by my wife in a basket ball shootout, took a walk and started planning a holiday...Doesn't get much better. Life's good.

Hope y'all are doing great, getting after life and living it the best you can.

Design and create your ideal life don't live it by default 🇦🇺

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What a beautiful sunset! I would definitely rather be walking barefoot on the beach than hunkering down to stay out of the cold. It sounds like you had a lovely evening, in spite of the basketball loss.

Yes, the tragic basketball defeat was difficult to take, but the fish and chips were good and the sunset too. 😃

You are not having a good time with ball's lately 🤣. March should be a great time to be in Tasmania, anytime is really 👍.

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Haha, well, the bike incident was years ago...The nuts have forgotten...But I get your point.

Just looked at flights...Looks like it's on for the last week of March. Although...There's talk about the West Coast too, WA. Might have to flip a coin between Tas and WA. 🙈

We have a west coast in Tassie that's a two for one deal mate👍

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Haha, true dat.

We'll only have 7 days though, not enough to do the whole state. Have to pick our the highlights.

Definitely not enough time to do the entire state.

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Figured. Once we decide to go we'll do some research.

Cradle Mountain is lovely, in the North West of Tassie.
Just magnificent.

We've been to Tas before so hope to do different things this time, see a little more. Would like to get to cradle mountain.

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Beautiful view

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I would def swap the Snow for some Sun.. I hate Snow, its only good for Christmas cards. Lol

Haha, yes someone who has dealt with snow their whole life would say that I guess. We recently went to NZ and saw some snow up at Remarkables ski area...Best thing ever! Still, digging my car out of it each morning? No thanks. 😃

P.s. We were in the UK last year for about 5 weeks. Loved it. Some of my ancestors were sent here as convicts back in the early-mid 1800's...(So proud of them - Aussie's wear convict-ancestry like a badge of honour) and others came here of their own accord, Cornish copper miners and their families - Went back to say g'day to the land of my ancestors (mum's side) and had a great time. Will surely be back.

Great photography.

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Thank you. I used a Samsung S9 as I didn't have my camera with me. I appreciate you dropping by.

Howdy sir galenkp! My whole life I was in snowy conditions and been stuck in the snow, dug myself out of the snow after getting stuck, countless times, been through huge blizzards, been snowed in for weeks at a time with the no phone service, been in wrecks because of the ice.

And this is the first time in my life that I haven't had to worry about it. I don't miss it much. lol.

But back to your post..that was a truly great day!

Thanks mate...To be honest I like the idea of snow but in reality I think it might suck. Ok to see, not so good to live in year after year. I'll take Australia thanks. :)

Well I actually love the snow if I don't have to get out and drive in it. But that was never the case. lol. Well, except when I got snowed in out in the country in a farm house. It's beautiful and fun to play in as long as you don't have to travel.

I guess...Seems like it would be stressful to me I guess. Driving in NZ recently we went to the Remarkables ski area and had to carry chains...Roads were clear of snow, but the stress level went up...I'm a country boy from Aus you see...Snow isn't my thing.