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It's a beautiful Saturday this week, always made more excellent when I actually wake up in the morning! It's about 25 at the moment, around lunch time, and I'm sitting here at a café by the lake about to have some lunch of a grilled haloumi cheese wrap. I know, weird right? Figured I'd give it a crack though - Life is too short to say no all the time.

I've just been to Yamaha World to test-ride the latest Yamaha R1 as per my last post here.

It was pretty good fun although it took me a while to get my head around the slipper-clutch which means one only pulls in the clutch to grab 1st gear, from there, up or down, no clutch is used. Going up the box wasn't the issue but coming back down seemed weird without using the clutch. You simply keep the power on, as the gearbox has to be loaded apparently, and then bang it down the gears blipping the throttle in between each. If you go too far no worries cobber, the gearbox and anti-lock systems prevent the rear from locking up and bob's your uncle! Ingenious, but took me a few goes to get perfect as I've not used the system previously.

The bike has a lot of systems and rider-aides, is very adjustable right down to fuel mapping, and is all round bloody awesome! For $27,000 it would want to be too, don't you think? My Last R1 cost me $22,000 so in the intervening years not only the technology has increased huh?

I also looked at, but did not ride, the MT09A and MT10ASP, basically 900cc naked street-fighter bikes. They are slightly shorter than the R1 and have a more upright riding position but are beasts also! Me likey a lot.

I'm probably not going to track ride if I end up getting another bike and am not certain I need a bike as cutting edge as the R1 although in reality as far as systems go the MT09A isn't that much different - It's just the fact it's naked bike.

I'm still deliberating about my ride this morning and what it means. I have to say that I felt extremely exposed to traffic, which is mad here in Adelaide due to many assholes who can't fucking drive properly, inattentive phone-driving and the fact our road infrastructure isn't keeping up with the increase in traffic. Normally I would be riding in the hills though, so maybe it's not so much of an issue. Also, I haven't ridden for a few years and probably was more nervous than I would usually be - Crashing a test bike isn't something I would like to ever do.

The rest of this afternoon is going to be spent chillin' out and probably writing or reading.

Sunday I'm picking up my trailer and doing a load of rubbish to the dump after a clean up. It's forecast to be 38°C (100F) so pretty hot for working but work I must. Faith will help though and will probably wear something heat-suitable so hopefully I can keep my mind on the job instead of her huh?

I also need to photograph my latest Lego build which is now completed so will tackle that also at some stage. I'm going to do some video but that will have to wait as I don't want to do it in the heat and next weekend I'm away in Tasmania - It'll happen though.

I hope y'all have a great weekend planned and manage to get it done with a lot of passion. Happy weekend people!

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100f sounds nice right about now! You know Christmas is right around the corner.... you have been a good boy this year

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Ah yes...But not that good!

It's a nice bike dude, struggling to find the value in it to purchase as much as I'd like to. Today's ride sort of hammered it home. I'm undecided but well, sort of decided you know? I've gotta brake it to Faith that I went for a test ride later...Not looking forward to it...Might be getting my own dinner tonight. Thank goodness for dial-a-pizza.

You been well? Busy?

Yeah good, crazy busy with sick kids and dr. Appointments and holiday nonsense. Good luck with the wife. If she is anything like mine sometimes I change my mind really quick 🤣

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Haha, yeah Faith keeps me in check pretty well.

Hope the kids get better. 🙂

I caught up with a mate today, and had a ride on his huge Harley. I idled around the block in first, then gave it back. If I had an hour to get used to the handling I'd have gone for a decent cruise, but it has this massive front wheel that completely changes the feel.
Heaps more horsepower than my old 250cc Yamaha, too.

I've only ever ridden one Harley. It was a massive thumper that I didn't really like. Didn't feel in control but I suppose it's what a person gets used to. Yesterday it was the traffic around me that caused the most problems. Didn't feel safe.

Woohoo you survived the ride. Don't over do it in the heat tomorrow.

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Yes, managed to survive. It was a nice bike man. So good.

Wow...out look is very cool🏍

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I was going to suggest @onnovocks look into this bike - to help him cross the 2 hr distance from him to me faster - until you sounded just like him giving me a reason to assume he won't be interested because of that over-exposure you describe:

. . . due to many assholes who can't fucking drive properly, inattentive phone-driving and the fact our road infrastructure isn't keeping up with the increase in traffic.

Can't wait to see what Lego project you've been working on. Have seen tens of LegoTechnic projects built by my (autistic) son with the help of my (semi blind) father up until my son left home last year. I admire the constructions achieved with bits of (mainly) rectangular plastic. Puts the building blocks of life into a nice neat perspective.

It's a good bike, and certainly gets from point to point quickly...Probably not the best commuter bike though. Still, if he wants to get to your quickly this is exactly what he needs.

Here's a Lego thing I did recently.

Having lived 30 miles from NYC and traveling on some major highways to get to work, which was only one mile from GW bridge, the traffic was unreal. During every commute to work I would witness several bikes making the same commute, using the same traffic littered roads.
I was always jealous of their ability to avoid and traffic jams as they weaved in and out of the jam with ease. My other thought always turned to their safety. With all of the crazy drivers out there I'm surprised I never saw an accident.

Hot weather sure does lend itself to dressing appropriately for the conditions.😍
$27,000.00 is not chump change, and I just wonder what Faith's reaction will be.
She may want something in return if she condones your purchasing of this unbelievable machine.

Good luck with that @galenkp

She may want something in return if she condones your purchasing of this unbelievable machine.

She wants me alive and not paraplegic or brain damaged.

She fears me getting another bike and has forbid it. That doesn't men it's off the agenda...I negotiate for a living and so am good at it. 😁 We'll see...But as you point out, there are some serious safety concerns. The lack of attentiveness on the roads is the main one.

Getting on that bike was amazing...They are incredible machines...Just have to work out if I want to spend every second riding it wondering who is going to run me over...

It sounds like some serious negotations will be taking place at the @galenkp household. Get this one by the board and you will have to give me a couple of lessons in negotiating. I'v wanted to purchase a new one of these for several years now, but with very little luck.
I keep asking for one for Christmas, but she hasn't budged.

Hmm. I'm not sure how it's all going to play out, although I have a clue...NO seems likely. I'm not sure you'll want lessons from me...But that is a sweet looking tractor though!

No may seem likely, so it may be better not to ask. Therefore you can still imagine that buying the bike may be a possibility, and that in itself is exciting.

Sage advice from a wise man. I'm not being facetious here either. Thank you.


What is that in USD.???

I will stick with my 20+ yr old HD It is now a classic and an antique.....

It also works well as an eye candy dust collector in my mancave.

I still enjoy a short scoot to a lunch date, about 10-15 min one way on the backstreets.


You'd look like a sexy beast on that...How do you keep the ladies away? Lol.

Yep, $27,000 AUD (That's $18,544.95 USD as of the current moment.) A lot of cash.

P.s. That's your Mustang? You're a legend!

Howdy sir galenkp! Nice looking bike for sure but the conditions down there would give me pause. Well, the price too. lol.

I agree...It's doubtful I'll go that way I think.

The Missus will be happy if you don't!

Yes...And we all know that's the main thing right? 🤣

You mean the ONLY thing? lol.


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