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I was going to suggest @onnovocks look into this bike - to help him cross the 2 hr distance from him to me faster - until you sounded just like him giving me a reason to assume he won't be interested because of that over-exposure you describe:

. . . due to many assholes who can't fucking drive properly, inattentive phone-driving and the fact our road infrastructure isn't keeping up with the increase in traffic.

Can't wait to see what Lego project you've been working on. Have seen tens of LegoTechnic projects built by my (autistic) son with the help of my (semi blind) father up until my son left home last year. I admire the constructions achieved with bits of (mainly) rectangular plastic. Puts the building blocks of life into a nice neat perspective.


It's a good bike, and certainly gets from point to point quickly...Probably not the best commuter bike though. Still, if he wants to get to your quickly this is exactly what he needs.

Here's a Lego thing I did recently.