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Great read! All the way through I was waiting for you to receive some horrible bone protruding from your sock like injury. The suspense was killing me

I think in a physical sport like American Football you are right that your ego and confidence are almost as important as any skill or physical attribute. You have to have a certain state of mind to be able to put your body on the line like that.


I decided to take a different tact with this injury-topic. I've had injured pride on and off the sporting field and it can be every bit as painful as a physical injury, and can take a long time to heel. Fortunately I ;earned my lessons early in life.

I figured people would be waiting for the excruciating injury in my story, I wrote it that way, however my injured pride and ego is all they got. I'll write about injuries later...I wrote one about a swimming pool injury abh12345 referred to in his post introducing this contest and it appears on my feed. It was an unpleasant injury. It's there to read if you like.

Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.

Thanks, I'll check that swimming pool incident out now :-)

Jesus! I was reading it thinking that you'd probably try and jump on the board and surf it then end up pinging off and smacking your head on the side of the pool.

After I got to the bit where you inserted the board in your mouth, I read the remainder of the story with my hand clutching my jaw as if I too was going to have my teeth broken!

I'd like to think that I wasn't that stupid as a kid but then looking back I can recall doing some pretty dumbass things that risked serious injury or even death. It probably helps that I was the evil older brother and so became better at instigating my siblings to take the risks and incurring the injuries in my stead.

Ah yes, you'd think that would have been the dumbest thing I did, but alas, it wasn't. I'm amazed I survived.

Still, I'd rather have had my youth than the video game and smart phone existence the kids if today have.

My teeth grew back and I haven't bit a kick-board since. 😁