KC Chiefs OVERRATED! Broncos Smell Blood.

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Thursday Night Football Preview....it's on.

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That was truly a showpiece of fun! :) I truly should have brought popcorn with me!

Oh, my sympathies are with you and the Broncos! You need to get in there and talk to them!

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Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it. Those types of videos take me a long time to make from start to finish so i cant do them all the time but ill mash up some good stuff 12 times a year or so... :) My entire goal is ONLY to make my audience laugh or at least be entertained. The trash talk is all just hot air...well kinda...i'm like that in "real life" jus not as lunatic crazy. I just like to ruffle feathers and put some hot sauce on the game for all the fans.

See? Perfect. That is what this is all about, right? The fun of it. And when people get all twisted up about it, is it sad. Oh, I have six brothers. I get the trash talk. :)

Oh, buddy!! I'm a Pats fan! I come over here just to taunt you - although only in a good way. I love me some Broncos when I live in the Springs. I hope you are loaded up on the hot sauce! It is going to be a year!

Thanks for the fun!


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The broncos are obviously having a beautiful run and I'm also looking ahead to Thursday night football by all means. Beautiful prelude to your video here. Wow

LOL!! I think this is your funniest video so far. I'm sending it to Judy.

hehe :)

I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting

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Thank you very much!!

Great video @broncnutz

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Thank you sir!

love the vids

I put a lot of work and effort into them....still get downvotes. # Jealousbitches

@broncnutz Did anyone tell the Bronco's they can use 11 players on offense? Pretty bad when Chiefs can play a second half where they just run and punt if they desire and win this game.

just playing around. Probably should of avoided the fun jabbing until at least the following day after the game. I understand some of your analysts more. I hadn't seen the Bronco's play in a while and they didn't look like the teams I remembered.

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funny....it got flagged by tons of people.

Then you should get a second mention for flags too 😉

Sir @broncnutz i am trying to watching this video its not play, when click it but show display, error

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Trying again bro but not playing.. Error

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Just tried again. Not playing

I put it on my youtube channel dave for those who cant get it to work.

Wow.. someone had to much coffee before turning on the camera.. a very well put together video.. the eminem at the beginning threw me.. I think it will be a good game.. I think you may be a bit excited just because the Broncos D shows up once.. but don't count on that shit.. loved the red nosed booger eater reference.. I'll have to remember that for my next motivational speech.. good luck

Subscribed. Have a !BEER while I go check it out

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I'd say $30 is about right for this.

i would agree...and just for the record...5 out of my 10 top voters i have never exchanged a vote with, never had them on a voting bot. (most notably the top 2) I dont care what the posts make, i do this for fun. im already a millionaire brother, i just like crypto and steem.

If you're going to downvote me, go full bore man. I aint scurred. That shit's just going to a place where people who need it more can grab it. As someone who says he supports the little guys, I hope that you also realize that.

There's a decent sized number of people with big wallets going off into a corner sharing big votes, and your wagon is hitched to them. The graphs don't lie. Stacking steem doesn't do much good if the little guys aren't getting much of it, because they aren't sticking around and getting energized to buy it themselves. I feel the same way about rewards as you do, I don't care what my posts make as long as they aren't ghosted.

Why not set the auto vote on your big wallet friends to say a 10% token vote, because your friends don't need the inflation, and go full bore on some little guys. If your "friends" don't understand why you would do that, and stop supporting you, were they really your friends to begin with? A lot of people I'm friendly with post a lot of steem stuff, and I've pretty much got a max of 10% for anybody's steem stuff. Because I want to see other shit do well.

If you want more eyes and to do the work yourself, check out @miti.blog or @templo for some good undervalued stuff to upvote. If you don't have the time and want to follow a curation trail that doesn't do downvoting, @curie or @helpie are good as well. Switch it up for a month, see how much better you can spread the wealth around and help the STEEM price go up. You and some of your friends have the power to do so much good here, but you're locked into your old patterns.

You seem like you can be a reasonable guy, but some of those comments man. All those 40-50 rep minnows sucking up to you aren't going to bail you out if you take things too far.

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Always appreciated!! :)