#fitness2020 20reps a day for 20days in February of 2020 and win 20 STEEM Day 7of20

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Again, another day with super busy schedule and I'm stuck with more eating out occasions as tomorrow marked the last day of Lunar New Year celebration, so we're actually rushing to finish off all the visitation and splurge spending on dinning.

Anyway, today I did a rather unusual short workout, a short burst but high energy workout due to time constrain. For some reasons today Steemit API seems like having some issue, and It's stopping me from posting, and during the process it took up a much of my time starring at the screen and waiting for loading.

The motion goes like, drop into a push up position, but without dropping, hold a plank position. Use right knee to touch left elbow, and do it for the other side, use left knee to touch right elbow. It's going to be difficult for people who have fat stomach, but I did not say how intensive training would effect the body positively.


Here's the #steem part I would like to put up. I would like to invite friends to participate in fitness. I am the guy who sign up a gym membership, but didn't go there even once because lack of workout buddy. I like "social fitness", literally go to the gym for social purpose. To me, gym is a lifestyle. I need peer pressure and I certainly hope this even will help you to continue posting daily because of the workout.


20 STEEM for the winner

5 STEEM for 2nd

3 STEEM for 3rd

1 STEEM for anyone who complete the challenge and make a summary workout report

If there's little participants, I'll just wipe my ass and walk out continue my workout with a few buddies. If there's enough participants, I will try to increase the top 5 prizes with snowball effect. When there's no taker, I will continue to add up the amount. Each week if nobody come forth and claim the reward, I will add it to the top 3.


  1. Do any sort of physical workout or exercises that will train your body, atleast 20 reps a day for 20 days in February of the year 2020.
  2. Record a video as prove of work
  3. Upload it to any social media that can allow user to watch without sign in, preferably dtube or 3speak
  4. Make a post with your prove of work and tag #fitness2020 for ease of curation
  5. Make an extra summary report by the end of challenge(must have 20 workout videos of 20 reps).
  6. Contest end - end of February of 2020
  7. No spam, no recycle video
  8. If you have anything to say, keep the video short, within 7 minutes.

Why this challenge?

You may be saying, Dave 20 reps is a joke. Why not take it up to 50? Well, despite this contest is a fitness workout contest, ultimately its an excuse for us to make a post. I would like to take this opportunity to promote fitness, and to keep author posting on a regular basis, an extra topic for everyone to participate. I have prepared some steem for fellow participants. Ultimately, it benefit myself too, because I need workout buddy. And you my friend, 1 post a day for the fitness, you earn your potential upvote, body is yours, fitness is yours, and do the summary report and 1Steem is yours. If you win because you're handsome, or have a sexy bikini body, there you have somemore steem as per prize stipulated.

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