We're bringing water back to a devastated farming family in Venezuela! [Mission:Agua-Possible] 3Speak video edition!

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Blockchain technology like Steem and 3Speak offer new ways to communicate with others, and as we're showing, new ways to get help where it's needed most. Mission Agua Possible is collecting funds to buy @EdgarGonzalez a pump to bring water up to his farm and neighborhood.

100% of the payout from this post goes to the project, as do any funds in STEEM sent to me directly. Follow my Steemit blog for weekly updates on the progress. We're currently on week 43, and about 10% of the way. We're hoping the price of Steem turns around soon, to boost the value of our holdings closer to that 1300 USD mark.

Thank you to all the regular supporters of this project! The way the community has embraced my vision for the project was awesome. I'm excited to see it continue to gather momentum, and thankful to everyone involved with the Steem blockchain and 3Speak for making these kinds of things possible.


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Well done! That puts a good dent in the goal!

It's awesome! Thank you for your contributions.

Is it still cool to do that? haha
We hope the 3speak platform will help make it rain on Venezuela! ;)

Hopefully 3speak will be the boost we need! Just to help (or confound the results hehe), I'll proudly resteem! :)

Getting some video footage of Edgar in action would be cool, but this was the next-best-thing. Communication with Venezuela isn't easy, but Steem and the blockchain have made it a bit better. And now 3Speak adds another dimension to the project. Right on!
Resteemed and upvoted :))

Very true. Another dimension has been added! Thanks 3Speak for upgrading the blockchain lifestyle.

I've upvoted it 100% myself, which is a whopping $0.03 USD at current STEEM prices. (Mission Agua Possible are the only posts I self-vote.)

Great presentation. Hopefully it brings more eyes to this important project.

@drutter, It's so important step because many parts of the world is dryer and it's vital to focus towards the Accumulation Of Water.

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