heavy weight Tugo War challenge

in #tugowarlast year (edited)

You must have played this tugo game once in your life or in childhood. We mostly used to play this kind of game in school or college, in which four people or five people could make 2 teams by holding a rope and a border in the middle. Was pulled

who would cross this border, he would lose and this game is played on the strength of his strength. Today I have brought a similar video for you, inside which you can see How thrilling this game is and within this game you have to

play this game with your strength and your body weight and your intelligence, yes friends, you have to practice even to play this game, but also The most powerful thing in this game is that the more powerful you are, the more weight you

can handle or you can stop yourself, then you will be able to serve in this game and this game is the biggest feature There you will see the strongest player offers powerful that you see in this video have the potential to win, by virtue of

its strength was between two teams that are in front of you now see and enjoy this