Universal Energy Coin UEC funded Serl Effect Generator Research may unlock ElectroGravitics tech for fuel-less electricity generation. New video from Curious Droid about anti gravity makes it seem within our G.R.A.S.P.

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Frame dragging- electtogravitics super conducting spinning discs- we can see anti gravity being discussed in the latest @ciriousdroid video- and I believe @uec and Jason Verbelli @verbz will provide legitamite magnetic research even if they never build a Serl Effect Generator which will need a few million to maybe 5 to 7 for CNC machines and magnetic labs with high tolerances and theres no way around that yet.

Let's fund electro gravitics research by starting small with neodynium magnetic research which is all in its Infancy

Imagine oil companies using electrogravitics to drill for oil cheaper and to grab hydrocarbons in space. Even if petroleum isnt our primary consumer fuel the petroleum industry can make trillions off of new energy technology. Quantum gravity and the large Hadron collider may seem like complex issues but so did computers to people 100 years ago- imagine telling people you.can program computing mmachines from a handheld device in 1920 or even 1970... imagine the people who would have never imagined their children would be computer programmers and software developers. Here we are playing with cryptography and dapps and it is all thanks to the shoulders of giants that we rest on

Electro gravitics is an interesting field that no one really has much information on but blockchain can fund science- imagine how much research can be funded with decentralized distributed laboratories- rented from universities using funds generated from token sales and steem tribes... we can have general magnetic research and create a working but non electricity generating prototype that people can buy as a conversation piece. The non electricity generating SEG prototypes still exhibit many curious novel features and theres nothing like it even in the art or toy or sculpture world.

Heres a video with an interview from @verbz and the late John Serl who left all of his "secrets" here in San Diego with Jason Verbellis group.

Check out @uec Universal Energy Coin Here

This technology is extremely low friction magnetic prime mover and was developed during post war time when John Serl allegedly had access to high tolerance aircraft manufacturing



Successes ackaza and good vibes...

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