Abu Dhabi , September 8, Khabib vs Poirier, iiiiiiiiiiiitsssssss tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimee

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Two champions enter the ring, only one will be champion at the end. Poirier, the interim UFC Lightweight Champion will face Khabib, the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

Directly from the du Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we will witness UFC 242 and an amazing event.

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Photo: UFC 242

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Two styles, the tension grows, who will win?

Maybe on the most important fight of his career Khabib defeated Connor Macgregor who is the most popular fighter in the UFC so the entire weight falls on Poirier who can make history in this fight, the only problem is that Khabib holds the longest undefeated streak in MMA and is 27 - 0 right now and he is not planning to lose this fight either.

War is imminent

Who is your favorite?

Poirier is training not only for a fight but for a dream.

Are you ready?

Thanks for reading

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As much as I love an underdog story -- even with Dustin's wrestling and BJJ background, there is no stopping Khabib on the ground. Dustin needs to keep the fight above ground. The only issue is that unless he can knockout Khabib with strike or kick, then Khabib wins -- I can't see them going the distance without the fight hitting the ground (where Khabib is a machine).

On a final note, the winner of this fight better be fighting TONY FERGUSON AND NOT CONOR afterward. Tony has earned the title match; McGregor needs to get his crap together.

Hey @diamonds4ever thanks for reading. I agree that in the floor there is not chance. I am a video gamer too and khabib is one of those guys that uses that "rare" character, with rare spells, with rare build, I don't know if you get my example but Khabib is different. Total disruption of the status quo. I do know that wrestling and the ground game is important but he has several techniques, positions, I don't know man, its just amazing (and I don't like him).

For Dustin I recommend he either knocks him out and boxes him, as Iaquinta's style that did landed some hits or, if he gets taken down use ALL energy to scape and hit khabib in the face. If he does "preserve" energy like most do when taken down Dustin will lose.

I get your example. And excellent analysis!

Its gonna be exciting and btw I also consider that Ferguson earned that too. I don't know if Macgregor is going to get it, he also deserves it for all the previous work he did.

He raised the standard, he is the face of the sport (some people disagree but it is what it is) he is not the best anymore but he can be a legend if he gets even better and I hope he corrects his behavior and becomes more humble.