Jon Jones vs. Brock Lesnar? Dana White says "yes"

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This is by no means anything official and simply comes from an interview where people were throwing all sorts of questions at the boss of UFC. This is something that has been speculated about for many years when Jones called Lesnar out after a win defending his belt (don't remember who it was against.) I thought it was silly back then and I kind of think it is silly now for even more reasons than before.


The above image is of course photoshopped (very well actually), and there are a lot of reasons why this fight, if it were even to happen, is many years away. Covid being one issue at the moment because fighters are not able to train properly for the time being. The second being that Lesnar hasn't trained in MMA for quite some time (at least reportedly.) He has been involved in WWE which as we all know, is fake but still physically demanding. Brock recently cut ties with the WWE and although not much is known about the details it has to do with monetary disputes and I would speculate that there isn't a great deal of money being offered for any WWE star at the moment since the company's profitability has been seriously impacted by the pandemic.

On a side note I don't know if you have seen any of the events with not crowd at them for WWE, but they are straight up awful. There are no fans, in a small room. There is just no electricity at all.


When Lesnar decided (or was forced) to leave WWE, that immediately made him one of the hottest free agents in the fighting world. His pay per view numbers with UFC, even the fights that were less than spectacular have resulted in some of the biggest numbers that the promotion has ever seen. Immediately after the news hit the world that Lesnar was no longer with WWE, Bellator expressed interest.

We all know that if UFC wants Brock, they gone get Brock. The other promotions don't stand a chance.

Even before Lesnar quit at WWE, Jon Jones made his transition up to 205 lbs to compete at heavyweight after dominating the light heavyweight division for nearly a decade. IF Lesnar and Jones were to fight, it would still be a strange one since Jones will be outweighed by around 60 lbs.


I also don't think it would be a very good fight because neither fighter would be willing to challenge the other on their strong suits. Jones is not going to give Lesnar a chance to take him to the ground (which we would presume he could easily do if he wraps the much smaller Jones up) and Lesner is not going to try to stand and box with a far superior force in that discipline. What we would end up with is a 5 round match with Jones running away all the time and occassionaly jabbing the "Beast." This would be broken up with brief moments of Lesnar smothering Jones against the fence while not being able to land anything that will actually hurt him.

Eventually Lesnar will run out of steam and Jones will try to take advantage. Jones wins by unanimous decision and the fans will boo. That's my prediction. I also predict that this fight will be very difficult for UFC to pull off because both men are going to want a tremendous payday to make it happen.

Even though I truly feel as though this fight is all but guaranteed to be boring, I, like everyone else that is an MMA fan, would be excited to see it and I hope it happens. Lesnar is no spring chicken at over 40 already, so they better make it happen quick if they are going to do it at all.

The hype leading up to it would be a lot better than the actual fight. Jones is very capable of putting on a very boring fight. I remember more than one where he apologized to the fans afterwards.

Personally I like Jones but yes, he can be very boring... until he isn't. I also find it funny that both of these guys have been accused of doping - they might have been found guilty... i don't remember. UFC does a good job of sweeping those stories under the rug.