McGregor back to talking trash and sadly, it works.

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It's been a fun past couple of months not dealing with Conor McGregor doing his usual self-promotion by way of turning the UFC slowly into the WWE with his microphone antics and punching up old men in pubs. It was almost too good to be true and it seemed as though the man was maybe perhaps focusing on his upcoming fight with Cowboy (who by the way he has said surprisingly little about.)

But then a few days ago he went back to his usual trash-talking self...

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Despite the fact that we are just a few weeks away from his main event vs. Cerrone, the two-division champion has got his focus on someone he isn't even slated to fight in the future, and one of he only people who has ever beaten him, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want it. You get it and he’s trying not to lose it again. I just smell sh*t. That’s all it is. He’s afraid and that’s it."

Says the Notorious One, further solidifying my disdain for him. I wish that this trash-talking demon could just be humble every now and then rather than always stoking fires to get a payday. Personally, i think that if Khabib faces Conor again, which will almost certainly happen if he doesn't get destroyed by Cowboy, the result will be exactly the same. Conor will throw more punches and Khabib will cover up, then Conor will make a mistake and be made to tap out. Dana White has indicated although not committed to, a Khabib v McGregor rematch. White loves money above all else after all.

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Khabib has had very little to say about McGregor and merely indicated that he will have to earn the fight by moving up in the ranks legitimately, which is what i would like to see as well. I don't like that guys with the biggest mouth get the big fights that other people higher up in the rankings deserve much more than he does.

Love him or hate him though, Conor certainly knows how to milk the system and he is rewarded accordingly so it is safe to say that this behavior is unlikely to stop. He is by far the richest MMA fighter of all time, despite not having even close to the most impressive record.

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Thanks for your interesting few on that topic. And it is also nice to find another MMA-fan here on Steemit.

I think you are right, that the trash talking previous to the Khabib-fight went way to far. But I also think, that it is overseen, that McGregor admitted publicly, that he has had personal problems and made a lot of mistakes in the past (punching that man, destroying the fans phone, etc.) and that he has had problems keeping his focus on training.

He is a big mouth. He knows that this will get him good fights. But I think that he is also intelligent enough to know, that trash talk previous to fights gets boring, when you cant deliver in the fight. So he is quite moderate these days. Even if he wanted to, he could not quit trash talking enterly - it is part of the brand "Conor McGregor".

And one also has to admit, that some of his performances in and out of the cage are quite legendary.

"I run New York City"

Alvarez Knock Out

Can't wait for the fight against Cowboy!

you make a solid point. I remember once McGregor said something along the lines of "I talk a lot of trash.... but i back it up!" and once you aren't actually following through with your dominance the trash talk gets tiresome.

I too am looking forward to the Cowboy fight. This superfight had better be an impressive performance on Conor's part, or people might start to lose faith in the guy!

yes, if he loses this one, I think he will not come back from this defeat.